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The Soap Kitchen

The Soap Kitchen are one of the UK leading handmade soap manufacturers and ingredients stockists.

Commercial goals achieved

Having had their sales plateau at the end of 2014 due to increased competition within the market, after launching their new website, The Soap Kitchen have seen at 40% increase in sales and are continuing to grow.

The Soap Kitchen launched their new website in 2020, migrating to Magento 2.

Customers technical requirements

Having used Sellerdeck for several years, The Soap Kitchen liked having the control of the desktop software with the automated functionality, but they recognised that browsers were changing the way they viewed the site, using mobiles & tablets instead.

After analysing their web traffic, The Soap Kitchen approached Sellerdeck to work on the responsive redesign of their website to enable their customers to buy on multiple devices. Sellerdeck also took the opportunity to refresh their homepage to include popular products & eye-catching banners and imagery.

“Sellerdeck are excellent, they are always there to support me. It’s great to speak to someone who understands my business.”