Clubhouse Golf

The largest and most trusted independent multi-channel golf retailer in the UK offering extensive choice and great value.

From £1m to over £50m

With decades of experience in golf retail and a team of PGA Golf professionals, Clubhouse Golf have a passion for the game and a dedication to the people that play it.

Partners for more than 10 years

Sellerdeck and Clubhouse Golf have been partners for more than 10 years.

Significant growth in the tens of millions takes a special team which we can confidently say exists in abundance here.

Teams in both businesses are completely embedded, meaning a very effective team that deliver incredible results.

The team have grown Clubhouse Golf to a size that not many businesses in the UK ever dream of, let alone achieve. Millions of pounds of investment has been spent on creating a solution that can handle incredible scale with maximum efficiency.

Consistent Improvements

Clubhouse Golf’s online presence is forever adapting, meeting customer expectations as they change. This mindset is deeply rooted in the business throughout all aspects of the customer journey. UX/UI is much more than features on a website, as customer expectations evolve with new technology, more and more requirements link fulfilment with front end functionality.


Bespoke Platform

Clubhouse Golf’s platform is completely bespoke to their requirements, which have the customer at the centre. This approach has resulted in an operation that performs exactly as they want.

The combination of Clubhouse Golf’s industry knowledge and our understanding of their business has meant the investment associated with bespoke implementation has vastly exceeded the necessary ROI to justify the projects.

We selected Sellerdeck for its good understanding of our business and our requirements. The partnership we have developed over the years gives us peace of mind.

We know that if something goes wrong then Sellerdeck can fix it. Finding suppliers who are willing to develop that deep level of understanding of your business is very hard.

Special Features

Enhanced Multi-faceted Navigation

Mobile Responsive Optimisation

Customised Product Presentation

Extremely Fast Page Load Speed

International For Multi-currency Selling

Multiple Integrations For ERP, Shipping, CRM, And More

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