Certified WooCommerce Experts

We are a Platinum certified WooExpert, an accreditation from WooCommerce for the top developers in the community

WooCommerce Experts

We are a Platinum Certified WooExpert, a title given to us by WooCommerce as a recognition of our deep understanding of their platform. As certified WooCommerce developers, we understand the WooCommerce platform in great technical depth and how to make the most from the large community that supports WooCommerce. 

What sets WooCommerce apart?

WooCommerce is an extension to WordPress which powers over 43% of sites globally. Because of this wide reach, WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce platform ever, with over 3.5 million live sites. 

What really makes WooCommerce successful is the community supporting the platform, who collectively have developed over 60,000 plugins for advanced features and integrations.  

This community gives unlimited expansion options, often at very low costs. 


The South West and well beyond

Our headquarters are in Exeter, Devon, UK, but our reach is well beyond the South West of England. We have offshore development resource in India and are part of a group, ClearCourse, with over 800 employees.

Over £11 billion in transactions

With a history dating back as far as 1996, Sellerdeck has been instrumental in the evolution of ecommerce in the UK. Over the years, our customers have transacted over £11 billion through our platforms. 

Benefits and Features of WooCommerce with Sellerdeck

At Sellerdeck we’ve built a full solution, specific to WooCommerce and appropriate for all UK businesses with the ambition of growth. 

We take the WooCommerce platform and deliver a total solution so you have the flexibility of open-source technology, but the ease and reliability of a managed platform. 

Speed and Reliability

Experience superfast WooCommerce websites backed by ultra-reliable hosting, complemented by 24/7 support

Automatic Updates

Benefit from continuous scheduled updates with human testing to avoid any unwanted issues. Stay up to date and secure without worry 

Expert Support

Count on our support technicians with exceptional problem-solving abilities, and platform knowledge to resolve any issues you have 

Pre-built Themes

Choose from attractive and highly functional pre-built themes, crafted to meet high coding standards, ensuring a fast and seamless user experience.

Unique Features

We have experience in plugin development and building completely unique features for our clients. What ever you need, we can build a solution for you

Future Proofing

Rely on the foresight of industry experts to identify and address future challenges within the ecommerce market, providing you with a solution that evolves with market changes 

Enhanced Functionality

Experience WooCommerce functionality taken beyond its standard feature set, tailored to meet the specific requirements that contribute to your commercial goals

Seamless Third-Party Integrations

Explore a range of template integrations that maximise business efficiency without the added cost and complexity of bespoke integrations

Exclusive Content

Access unique material curated by industry experts, providing insights and strategies to improve your business

Our Project Process

Step 1 - Discovery Call

We’ll listen and learn about your business, your customers and your requirements. 

Before we talk about solutions, we’ll better understand what you want, but more importantly – why. 

In understanding the why, we can align our solution so that we achieve your goals. 

Step 2 - Scoping Call

Meet our projects team as we gather more information to formulate a solution. 

This call provides an opportunity to delve into the specifics so that we can deliver on them. 

We’ll talk about options and collaboratively decide on the best way forward. 

Step 3 - Proposal

A full proposal, detailing all the deliverables will be drafted specifically for you along with the quote. 

This will then be presented so that we can discuss the content and work on subsequent versions if appropriate. 

Once signed, we welcome you onboard! 

Consult with a WooCommerce developer

Maximise the potential of your WooCommerce site. Explore the possibilities today with one of our WooCommerce experts. 

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