Support and Maintenance

Strengthening Your Business with Support & Maintenance.

What You Can Expect

We take ownership of keeping your online presence robust, secure, and always up-to-date.

We have over two decades of experience in maintaining high volume ecommerce businesses. Our largest client has transacted over £1m in a single day and our maintenance environment can manage all the capacity challenges that volume brings.  

Our maintenance services are designed to deliver the core services required for high uptime, fast page speed and technical support. We take away the pressure and give you peace of mind.

Proactive Support

A well-maintained website is much more than just keeping the lights on. We are constantly looking at ways to improve how we support our clients and onboard new methods or technology that improves the key factors in online success. 

Super Fast Hosting

Fast websites sell more, so our environments ensures the best chances of fast page load speed to increase your conversion rate and improve your organic search engine rankings.


We take security very seriously and ensures that ‘security by design’ is embedded in how we work. That means taking action to prevent vulnerabilities and breaches before they happen.

Backups & Recovery

We do everything in our power to prevent disasters, however we give you additional peace of mind by using a robust disaster recovery plan that can recover your data if a catastrophe were to occur.

Technical Support

Our trained technicians are available by phone to support your business and its requirements. Whether that is a critical issue or a ‘How Do I’ question, the team will manage your ticket to completion.

Development Environment

We create a development environment for managing the staging of changes, updates and testing. This means you and our team can work in a development environment without affecting the live site.

Plugins & Extensions

Included in our maintenance contracts is the management of plugins, extensions and third party services, so that you know all the infrastructure in your platform is maintain to improve the quality, reduce errors and keep it secure.

Proactive and reactive support specialists


Ready to scale your Ecommerce business?

We plan, design, develop and continue to support your business through its growth.