A strong brand presence in their industry, world-class sports products straight to customers for affordable prices.

Lomo achieved a digital transformation

Sellerdeck managed our transition to a newly designed WooCommerce store and the project team were great. They combined experience with creativity to meet our requirements with a mix of standard and bespoke features.  We achieved big company functionality on a small company budget.

Lomo has built a recognisable brand within it’s industry stocked in many retail outlets, as well as offering D2C (direct to consumer). Their products fit a range niches, including: triathlon and motorcycle gear, with the main focus on traditional water sports. As well as an ecommerce presence, Lomo has a retail outlet with repair facilities and a prototyping workshop.

Building our partnership over a decade

Lomo has been using Sellerdeck’s services and software since 2011. Over those years we’ve built a partnership, working closely together in digital transformation projects. The most recent project saw Lomo completely overhaul its operation, with great success.

The Brief

Lomo approached us with the idea of having complete sight of its businesses performance by connecting all parts of the operation. The key success criteria was:

  • Achieve increased profitability by strengthening the Lomo brand through a greatly improved online user experience, delivering a high-quality user journey throughout which builds further value into the brand
  • Grow revenue through an increase in conversion rate and average order value, achieved by a better user experience
  • Connect sales channels to improve management and data visibility for a better customer experience and greatly reduced content and order fulfilment effort
  • Integrate fulfilment systems to reduce effort and create automated processes which removes reliance on individuals and their knowledge

The Results

We successfully delivered a new WooCommerce platform, completely connected to all parts of their business.

Full data migration was included to allow for a smooth transfer onto the new system. We added marketplace integrations to allow for cross-platform management on Amazon and eBay, saving considerable admin time. The new CRM system captures customer service inquiries and our SEO support ensured that no rankings were lost during the migration process.

Special Features

SEO Enhancement

Multi-Channel Stock Control

Dynamic Shipping Options

Multiple Payment Options

Age Verification for Knives

CRM Integration

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