KJN Aluminium

KJN Automation Ltd has been specialising in Aluminium Precision Engineering since 1997.

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Embedded Partnership

KJN and Sellerdeck have been working as close together as two businesses can, for the last 5 years. In that time Sellerdeck has gained a deep understanding of KJN’s business, products and people. This has been the reason for the successful relationship as we’ve truly understood how to manage the unique requests their industry and customers have and have the confidence that Sellerdeck was the right ecommerce agency to deliver on those requirements to a high standard.

The Brief

One of the main objectives was to reduce costs by improving efficiency, which was achieved through a series of features and integrations.

Along with saving time, the new processes and features gave greater visibility of orders, customers and stock which has resulted into a better performing business. The unique products and types of orders created a real challenge for Sellerdeck and required significant bespoke development to ensure the entire journey from capturing an order to fulfilling it was a frictionless experience for the customer and KJN’s staff.

Commercial Goals Achieved

Visibility throughout the entire order fulfilment process

Reduced time and effort on fulfilment and customer service

Converted offline orders to online orders which increased sales by 44%

Increased keywords in the top 3 on Google by 110% increase

The Results

KJN has achieved its main goal of reducing time wastage through the use of technology. This has resulted in more available time within the team to focus on activities that progress on the business other objectives.

B2B eCommerce is developing rapidly and KJN now has a system that gives the functionality required to accept orders online, resulting in a more buying options for different types of customers and less time spent per order, while still maintaining order accuracy.

Sellerdeck Ltd has great energy but at the same time, is methodical in ensuring the solution provided is correct.

Special Features

Onsite and Offsite SEO

Advanced Product Configuration

Custom Shipping Calculations

Quote Tool For Bespoke Orders

Customer Account Management

Sage Accounts Integration

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