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Webp Sellerdeck

30th March 2021

What is Webp?

Read Time: 1 minute, 41 seconds

selling online

15th March 2021

How to start an ecommerce business in 2021

Read Time: 5 minutes, 13 seconds

5th March 2021

‘Help to Grow’ scheme

Read Time: 1 minute, 57 seconds

WooCommerce vs Magento Banner Image with logos

12th February 2021

Magento vs WooCommerce – Which ecommerce platform is right for you?

Read Time: 7 minutes, 36 seconds


3rd January 2021

12 Steps to consider when identifying keywords

Read Time: 6 minutes, 5 seconds


14th December 2017

What you need to know about GDPR

Read Time: 3 minutes, 39 seconds

17th October 2017

Black Friday vs Cyber Monday: What you need to know

Read Time: 4 minutes, 13 seconds


5th October 2017

Why every e-commerce business needs to be blogging

Read Time: 3 minutes, 49 seconds


25th September 2017

Building brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive market

Read Time: 3 minutes, 21 seconds

Christmas Shopping

19th September 2017

Are you ready for Christmas?

Read Time: 3 minutes, 56 seconds

Just pay shipping e-commerce scam

4th September 2017

The “Just Pay Shipping” scam

Read Time: 8 minutes, 34 seconds

Black Friday

29th August 2017

Don’t delay in getting prepared for Black Friday.

Read Time: 3 minutes, 24 seconds

e-commerce tracking

1st August 2017

Why you need to be using the Google Analytics ecommerce tracking tool

Read Time: 2 minutes, 16 seconds


5th July 2017

Why an SSL Certificate is essential for your business

Read Time: 2 minutes, 10 seconds

Man holding tablet computer in cafe. Close up

6th June 2017

Clubhouse Golf’s new responsive website

Read Time: 3 minutes, 1 second

wheres wally

31st May 2017

How to stand out from the crowd

Read Time: 5 minutes, 49 seconds

12th May 2017

Looking for your USP? Then come to our event

Read Time: 2 minutes, 51 seconds

fruit basket

19th December 2016

Selling online – part two

Read Time: 3 minutes, 27 seconds

19th December 2016

Why bad design could be affecting your sales

Read Time: 4 minutes, 38 seconds


19th December 2016

Getting browsers to take the plunge and buy

Read Time: 4 minutes, 56 seconds

fruit market

19th December 2016

Selling online – part one

Read Time: 3 minutes, 46 seconds


16th December 2016

Creating tasty marketing treats for your customers

Read Time: 3 minutes, 39 seconds


16th December 2016

The Sellerdeck eBay extension

Read Time: 2 minutes, 5 seconds

mobile ready

16th December 2016

Is your site mobile ready?

Read Time: 2 minutes, 35 seconds

selling online

16th December 2016

Our 12 steps to setting up an online store

Read Time: 6 minutes, 2 seconds

online shopping

14th December 2016

Convincing customers are safe

Read Time: 3 minutes, 25 seconds


14th December 2016

How to avoid an abandoned shopping cart

Read Time: 4 minutes, 1 second

14th December 2016

Is being niche the future of SME?

Read Time: 3 minutes, 13 seconds

customer care

1st November 2016

Believe in customer care

Read Time: 3 minutes, 53 seconds