Sellerdeck Desktop’s New Version v18.2.3

Sellerdeck Desktop’s New Version v18.2.3

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The focus of this version is embedded payments with the aim of improving your online conversion rate and the efficiency of your operation.

The headline feature is Apple Pay, which will be available through SellerdeckPay powered by ClearAccept.

This means you can now offer your customers a seamless and secure way to make card payments using Apple Pay, enhancing their shopping experience while boosting your business.

Why will you and your customers love Apple Pay?

  1. Streamlined Checkout Process: Customers can complete transactions with a simple touch or glance, eliminating the hassle of manually entering payment details.
  2. Enhanced Security Measures: Your customers’ payment information remains secure. Consumers card details are encrypted and stored securely on their Apple devices.
  3. Increased Customer Reach: Tap into the vast user base of Apple device owners who prefer using this convenient payment method for its seamless digital experience.
  4. Compatibility Across Apple Devices: Works seamlessly across Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs, providing flexibility and convenience.

There are no additional fees to process Apple Pay payments, you’ll get the same great rates as your other card transactions.

Feature List

We’ve made more than 20 separate improvements to SellerdeckPay by ClearAccept, as well as adding additional new features, general improvements and bug fixes.

Below is a categorised list of those improvements:

SellerdeckPay powered by ClearAccept

Increase conversion rate through improvements to the customer experience during the checkout

– Immediately load grey payment overlay on final checkout page and remove intermittent flicker while taking payment, and provide feedback to the customer while the payment is being confirmed
– If a single payment method is available then automatically select it
– CV2 icon in Swift problems fixed
– Fixed multiple browser usability issues including: character limits, data capture fails and error handling 

More quickly manage payments with orders 

– Add ability to use card saved with an order for further payments even without a commit 
– Add support for voiding captured transactions
– Fixed issues when using ClearAccept to pay for multiple adjusted backorders
– More clearly show 3D Secure results and liability against orders 
– Create pending order and transaction before attempting to confirm the payment, so that if confirm response is not received there is still a pending entry in Desktop
– Added ‘Update’ button to the payment history dialog to re-request payment information if not initially returned
– Multiple improvements for better managing offline error handling with transactions

Better data capture 

– Fixed problem with purchase order number capture
– Ensure that customer first and last name are sent to ClearAccept if site uses a single full name field

Managing your SellerdeckPay account

– Add validation button for ClearAccept API keys
– Hide test mode, reducing chance of misconfiguration

New Features, General Improvements and Bug Fixes

Online Usability Improvements

– Registered buyer no longer prompted for shipping address for intangible products i.e. digital download
– Immediate validation of data in checkout fields. Previously the validation was completed by the Perl scripts which was inefficient and error prone
– Add an option for Retail accounts to use script calls, retaining original functionality for backwards compatibility if ‘Advanced User Guide’ workaround implemented

New and Updated Integrations

– Integration with Fetchify for data validation, including: address, telephone and email validation
– Updates to GFS APIs
– Correctly managing tax handling for offline orders with no shipping, including the export of order data to Sage

Platform Management

– Preserve deleted state of children when undeleting a parent e.g. Section -> Product, Product -> Component
– Account default payment method handling improved, with new UI for bulk setting payment methods
– New messaging panel within Sellerdeck Desktop to delivery key messages to users

Key Bug Fixes

– Fixed issue with resequencing permutations removes permutations of other components
– Fixed issue with Recaptcha in Contact Us form not working with some Perl versions
– FTP failures no longer triggers fallback to uncompressed upload causing file loss (introduced in 18.2.2)
– Fixed crash in discounts if records missing
– Fixed a common crash in 18.2.2 when listing many orders
– Fixed SQL Server snapshot import failures

Download v18.2.3 here

If you have any questions please contact an Account Manager by email, phone or book in a consultation through our Contact Us page.

ClearAccept Ltd. t/a SellerdeckPay is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 (FRN 926372) for the provision of payment services.

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