Price Revision

Price Revision

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Over the past 18 months, Sellerdeck has closely monitored the evolving pricing landscape for retail ecommerce businesses and ecommerce agencies. Much like our customers, we too have experienced notable price increases across a substantial portion of our operations.

In these challenging economic times, we find ourselves in a shared predicament, compelled to make strategic decisions that strengthen our standing for the future. Our products and services are a testament to the dedication of our team, and within our industry, we have witnessed significant increases in the costs associated with talent retention and acquisition. To ensure the continued excellence of our products and services, we have initiated a pricing revision.

Effective as of the 3rd October 2023 for new contracts and the 2nd November 2023 for renewals, our pricing structure will undergo a comprehensive update, the details of which can be accessed via our Price Book.


What’s Changed?

These revisions include two notable adjustments to our pricing framework: the introduction of a higher rate and the provision of a discounted rate exclusive to SellerdeckPay by ClearAccept users.

Notably, all Desktop contract rates are subject to a 40% rounded increment, which is discounted to an increase equivalent to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate in August, standing at 6.3% rounded, for SellerdeckPay by ClearAccept users.

We remain committed to delivering exceptional value to our customers and anticipate that these adjustments will strengthen our standing for the future. Your continued partnership with Sellerdeck is greatly appreciated.

If you are a Desktop 365 Plus subscriber, five days prior to renewal you will receive an automated renewal email with your renewal price. If you wish to receive an exact price for your renewal today, please contact our team on

Getting Value from your Support contracts:

Over the last few years, Sellerdeck has been increasing the value of our Support contract – are you getting the full value?

What’s included?

  1. Technical Support
  2. Licence Key Upgrades
  3. Widgets and Extensions
  4. Swift Template
  5. Sage Accounts Integration

Technical Support
Ecommerce businesses need constant support, to protect what they currently have and also unlock new opportunities. Our specialist ecommerce technical support team are on hand to support your business during crisis, but also to support in unlocking new opportunities and accessing the full feature set within Sellerdeck Desktop.

Whether you have a ‘how do I’ question, or a critical issue, you’ll receive the support your business needs.

Our team is available by phone 9am to 5pm, but you can create a support ticket any time through our online support portal.

Licence Key Upgrades
We release Sellerdeck Desktop core upgrades which offer a wide range of improvements, including: new functionality, enhanced functionality, bug fixes and industry required changes.

With Support and help from our support team, you’ll always be up to date.

Our latest version is v18.2.2, which you can download here.

Widgets and Extensions
We know that version upgrades can be time consuming development projects, so we created Widgets and Extensions for you to access new functionality without major upgrade projects.

There are a wide range of benefits you can get from accessing these easy to implement pieces of functionality.

For a full list of the available Widgets which are all included free of charge in Support contracts, please visit our Widgets Page.

To view all Extensions, some of which are included free of charge in Support contracts, please visit our Extensions Page.

Swift Template
If you haven’t already seen our Swift template, then you’ve got a great opportunity to improve the user experience on your website. The Swift template’s focus is on frictionless ecommerce creating a great user experience that converts browsers to customers.

With a Support contract, you’ll access the template along with future upgrades.

To learn more about Swift template and request the template, please visit our Swift Page.

To access the latest version of the Swift template visit here.

Sage Accounts Integration
Integrating your accountancy package saves you time and removes human error, with a Support contract you’ll access each new version of the Sage Link.

You can download Sage Link on our downloads page.


If you have any questions please contact an Account Manager by email, phone or book in a consultation through our Contact Us page.


ClearAccept Ltd. t/a SellerdeckPay is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 (FRN 926372) for the provision of payment services.

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