Building brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive market

Building brand loyalty in an increasingly competitive market

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If you run an e-commerce store, you’re probably aware that it’s becoming even harder to gain customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive market. So, what can you do to keep your customers coming back to your store, rather than spending with those pesky competitors?

The biggest challenge facing online retailers is that consumers are always looking for products at the cheapest price, delivered in the quickest time. Our modern society is becoming increasingly impatient, with 88% of consumers believing that speed of delivery is more important than that brand itself.

I’ll give you a recent example (I’m still slightly bitter about it!); I ordered an upgrade for my phone on a Friday morning. Having had no update on delivery dates by the Monday evening, I called my provider, where I was told ‘You need to be a little more patient…’. Suitably unimpressed by his customer service skills, I politely informed him that you can get items delivered within the hour, no one waits around for items to be delivered anymore. And yes, as I write this, the following Friday, I am still waiting for my new phone and looking for a better deal elsewhere.

With that in mind, as well as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas on the horizon, we’ve written our top tips on how to keep your customers spending money on your website.

Make customer service a top priority

We shouldn’t have to say it, but the main reason people repurchase from a store is the customer service. Nowadays, customer service not only includes how you deal with your customers, but also what benefits you’re offering. Whether it’s free delivery & returns, discount codes or loyalty points, there needs to be an incentive for someone to keep returning to your store.

If you can’t afford to offer free delivery to everyone, why not offer it to your most valued customers as a thank you?

Personalise your marketing campaigns

Everyone likes to feel special every now and then. You’re guaranteed to increase traffic to your site with personalised email campaigns offering unique discount codes. With a recent report suggesting that personalisation is a driving factor for 50% of consumers, it’s worth trying!

Personalised emails are quick and easy to do and offer great ROI. With e-mail marketing softwares such as MailChimp, you can easily personalise emails, e.g. with your customers first name. It’s also a good idea to segment your data and offer discounts on certain products. Say for example you run a baking supplies store. Segment your data by product types & offer all customers who bought cupcake recipe books discounts on cupcake related items, such as baking tins and cupcake cases.

Show your personality on Social Media

Whilst it’s important to be professional when it comes to your business, it’s also good to show your human side. One of the best ways to do this is via Social Media.

Social Media is a great way to interact and actively engage with your customers & give ‘Behind the Scenes’ access to your store. You’re also more likely to gain honest feedback from your customers on your social media pages.

Take a look at our very own Instagram page to see what we get up to day to day!

Reviews, reviews, reviews

We know we go on about reviews a lot. But frankly, they are incredibly important to display when running an online store. Consumers will always trust previous customers more than online brands. It’s good to let potential buyers know what your customers think about you.

Feefo review

Reviews are also great for SEO purposes, as they’re a source of fresh, unique content. Take a look at some of our recent blogs discussing the benefits of using Feefo.

Don’t have time to work on all of this?

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