Introducing Fetchify’s range of customer data validation software

Introducing Fetchify’s range of customer data validation software

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Here at Sellerdeck, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients scale their ecommerce business by offering best-in-class solutions to accelerate and support sustained growth.

The latest addition to our portfolio of tech products is Fetchify, which provides a range of products that validate customer data in an instant, helping your website deliver an even better user experience, and ensuring you capture reliable, quality data.

Fetchify is a fellow ClearCourse business and has been in operation since 2008. Its solutions are used by household names including Moonpig, Casio, English Heritage, Timpson, and Kawasaki, and covers more than 250 countries.

Five customer data validation products for your website

Currently, Fetchify offers five hero products that can be easily installed onto your website in under 10 minutes:

Address Auto-Complete

Fast, accurate address results from as few as four characters.

UK Postcode Lookup

Powered by Royal Mail data, this product makes checkout a breeze.

Email Address Validation

This product tests an email address in real-time to ensure it’s valid.

Phone Number Validation

Ensure phone numbers are correctly formatted and valid.

UK bank Account Validation

Validate sort code and account numbers against the EISCD database.

Benefits of using customer data validation tools

As you know, the user experience you deliver on your site can make or break a sale.

Fetchify’s products are all tailored to help you offer your customers an even better online experience, by eliminating checkout friction with fast and intuitive search algorithms that guide your customers through the checkout process with ease, building brand loyalty and trust.

Exceptional customer data validation tools can make a significant difference internally for businesses, too.

With validated, accurate data from the world’s best data providers, including Royal Mail, Eircodes, USPS, Here, Kadaster, and New Zealand PAF, so you can be confident in the data you receive, every time.

By eliminating inaccurate data, you can save admin time, make failed deliveries a thing of the past, and increase revenue, too.

Interested in learning more?

To view more information visit our Fetchify page where you can also sign up to the service.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Fetchify’s range of products and how they can be used for your business, call Fetchify on +44 (0) 333 014 1992 or email

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