Celebrating Our Award Winning Sellerdeck Customers

Celebrating Our Award Winning Sellerdeck Customers

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We are excited to highlight some of our customers who have received the prestigious Feefo Platinum Award for their outstanding customer service and satisfaction ratings, scoring over 4.5/5 Stars for a minimum of 3 consecutive years. These awards demonstrate their strong commitment to excellence and show their dedication to exceeding customer expectations.

Veals, Cater for You, The Home Brew Shop and Mower Magic are among the deserving recipients of the Feefo Platinum Award. Let’s explore why these businesses have been honoured and how they have earned this prestigious recognition.

Renowned for their high quality fishing gear and accessories, Veals has consistently delivered exceptional customer service, earning them praise and loyalty from their customers.

Veals have a Customer Experience Rating & Product rating of a 4.9/5 Stars and over 14,900 lifetime reviews, they have implemented there reviews across their home page and across all product pages to give a reason to trust and shop with them.

Offering a diverse range of catering supplies and equipment, Cater for You has shown a dedication to excellence in all interactions, ensuring that their customers’ needs are met with professionalism and attention to detail.

Cater 4 You have an impressive 5/5 stars for both Customer Experience & Product Rating and over 4,500+ lifetime reviews, they also display there rating for feefo across all landing pages to show the authority and how trusted they are in their industry.

A popular choice for home brewing enthusiasts, The Home Brew Shop has built a community of happy customers through their top notch products and personalised service.

The Home Brew Shop have a Customer Experience & Product Rating of 4.9/5 stars and over 15,100+ lifetime reviews, they really are an established player in their industry being amongst the best selling best home brew kits and products you may need to make your own home brew!

Specialising in garden machinery and equipment, Mower Magic has established a reputation for reliability and expertise, gaining the trust of customers year after year.

Mower Magic have a Customer Experience Rating of 4.8/5 stars & Product Rating of 4.7/5 stars and over 19,100+ lifetime reviews.

These companies recognise that providing outstanding customer service is essential for thriving in today’s competitive ecommerce environment. By making customer satisfaction a top priority and using feedback to make improvements, they have distinguished themselves as leaders in their respective industries.

The Feefo platform has been instrumental in capturing and showcasing customer feedback for these companies. By sharing authentic (and verified) testimonials and ratings, they have shown transparency and accountability, enhancing their credibility and earning trust.

Sellerdeck being platform-agnostic and focusing on the commercial goals of the customer, results in independent feedback being implemented seamlessly, regardless of the ecommerce platform.

To learn more about Feefo and how it can help your business, please contact us.

Congratulations to Veals, Cater for You, The Home Brew Shop, Mower Magic and all our customers who have received Feefo Awards.

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