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The Swift Extension upgrades sites using the Swift v2 design templates, whether or not Swift v1 is already installed. If you do have Swift v1 installed, as far as possible the Extension will preserve any customisations that you have made to it.

Swift v2.0.3 is compatible with Sellerdeck Desktop v18.2.3 and includes new code to check for failures caused by upgrading a Swift site in 18.2.0, v18.2.1 and 18.2.2 to 18.2.3. It uses technology from the Widgets Extension which avoids replacing a complete layout if possible for an easier upgrade path to v18.2.3.

This version also includes a number of new features and field reported bug fixes, including:

• Automatically corrects problems caused by upgrading to v18.2.3
• Create Account checkbox no longer makes password fields disappear
• Fixed indicators for invalid phone and email fields in checkout
• Incorporates design changes for SellerdeckPay by ClearAccept
• Zoomed image placement to left and right now work correctly
• PayPal BNPL messaging corrected in the cart and product pages

If you’ve not already upgraded to Swift v2, you’ll benefit from the following features:

• Allows you to choose from one to four columns in Subsection, Product and Fragment lists
• Adds a new product layout that includes an ‘Add to Cart’ button in product listings (Subsection pages)
• Now supports Shopping Modes ‘Single Add to Cart Button per Page’, ‘Quantity on
• Confirmation Page’ and ‘Quantity in Shopping Cart’
• Zoom image ‘click’ and ‘hover’ actions can be independently disabled
• A link to the Brochure Page List can be included in the menu bar
• Marketing lists can be displayed as sliders
• Provides an improved cookie check, configurable by the shopper in accordance with current best practice

When installing, make sure that you re-check the Swift Extension Operations dialog after importing any updates. More details are given in the Sellerdeck Desktop Help.

Swift Extension


Included in Cover and Desktop 365 Plus. If you have an existing Swift licence key, this will continue to work with Swift v2.0.3.


v2.0.3 - 24th January 2024
Templates generated are now compatible with Sellerdeck Desktop v18.2.3

v2.0.2 - 30th August 2023
Templates generated are now compatible with Sellerdeck Desktop v18.2.2

v2.0.1 - 11th August 2022
Templates generated are now compatible with Sellerdeck Desktop v18.2.0

v2.0.0 - 24th November 2021
First release

Price: Included in Cover and Desktop 365 Plus

Swift Extension

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Extension by: Sellerdeck
Version: v2.0.3
Minimum requirements: Sellerdeck Desktop v18.0.4 - minimum