About the Extension

The Widgets extension enables small snippets of code to be added to your website, which add specific new features or design improvements. Version 2.1 offers ten widgets:

  • Popup Add To Cart
    Replaces the ‘add to cart’ bounce page with a configurable in-page popup. You can choose between two positions for the popup; show the last product added, or the full cart content; close the popup automatically after a specified time, or only when the user chooses; and change the popup heading. The Swift demo site has this functionality native.
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  • Email Cart Content
    Emails the cart details with a link that enables the user to reload the cart in one click and check out later, even on a different device. This widget can be used in many ways, including: browsers emailing others with cart content, you the merchant populating a cart and emailing to the customer, and more.

  • Sort Order Override
    Set a different default sort order for any filter section to make navigation easier for your browsers.
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  • Address Auto Complete For Orders
    Adds ‘autocomplete’ tags that help browsers to correctly identify the function of each checkout field, leading to more accurate address completion.
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  • Delivery Count Down Timer
    Shows a count down to a daily order deadline for a specified delivery type, eg next day, with an editable message. Configurable to allow for most delivery options.

  • Tax Exclusive Marketing Price
    Enables tax-exclusive prices to be shown in the marketing lists
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  • CSS Compression
    This widget applies a robust compression that will improve your initial page load speed, and enhance your score with Google Pagespeed Insights and Core Web Vitals. Faster websites sell more and rank higher on search engines.
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  • MOTO Form
    Make it easier to take MOTO orders (the New Order tab) by using the full width of the screen on larger monitors within Desktop.
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Included in Cover and Desktop 365 Plus - request a key from admin@sellerdeck.com


v2.1.3 - 28th February 2024
Paypal Commerce Platform widget is now removed from the extension as the corresponding layouts/changes are already incorporated into the latest version of Sellerdeck Desktop
Loqate widget is now removed from the extension as this service is now replaced by Fetchify

v2.1.2 - 14th June 2022
Updated three Widgets that were affected by changes in Sellerdeck Desktop v18.2.0: Email Cart, PayPal and Popup Add To Cart

v2.1.1 - 11th November 2021
Fixed bug that caused Email Cart 'Checkout Now' link to fail if Online Stock Control disabled

v2.1.0 - 2nd November 2021
Added Email Cart, Delivery Count Down Timer and Loqate Real-Time Address Capture
Fixed two bugs:

  • Separate first and last names now correctly handled by Address Auto Complete, SDE-848
  • Sort Order Override widget no longer fails in Access site with large amount of data in UserDefinedProperties table, SDE-885

v2.0.0 - 19th May 2021
Added PayPal Commerce Platform widget

Price: Included in Cover and Desktop 365 Plus


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Extension by: Sellerdeck
Version: v2.1.3
Minimum requirements: Sellerdeck Desktop 2016 (v16.0.5)