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Swift Template

The Swift template is a Sellerdeck Desktop template designed for frictionless ecommerce. With a mobile first design and clean checkout journey, Swift will swiftly navigate your browsers to the products they want to buy.

The result of this will be an improvement in engagement and conversion rate, resulting is more sales and happier customers. The technology behind Swift makes it more than just a template and is a big step forward from the previously released Sellerdeck templates.

Advanced Features in Swift

Improved burger menu

Top level sections on home page

Filter search results, including sort options (new ‘customer feedback’ sort option)

One click delete

Greatly improved layout design

Clearer log in for existing customer and new customer sign up

Enclosed checkout for a faster and more focused checkout experience

Login and ‘my account’ better positioned

Customer name displayed when logged in

‘New Products’, ‘Recently Viewed’ now have same consistent look and located in best practice areas

Social media links added

Tabbed display of product content, to include information like ‘Delivery & Returns’, ‘Reviews’

Delivery & Returns policy can be product level, section level, or site level

RRP field includes ‘You Save’ automatic calculation

Magic Zoom Plus for multiple images and image zoom

Improved design on product page in tab

Pop up cookie message included as standard

Customer examples using the Swift template:

How to get Swift

The Swift template is available free of charge with the Cover and Desktop 365 Plus contracts.

Please complete the request form at the bottom of this page.

Swift Implementation

The Swift template is delivered as a Design Snapshot and is compatible with version 18 and subsequent versions. Included with the template is an Implementation Guide that gives instructions and tips on how to use this template and also create a best practice ecommerce site.

Request your copy of the Swift Template:

The Swift Template is available free of charge to Cover and Desktop 365 Plus customers. To request your copy please complete the below form.

Our team will validate your contract and send your Swift Template and Implementation Guide within 24 hours.

This template is compatible with version 18 and is supplied as the first version. It’s Sellerdeck’s intention to continue building on the template core and releasing new versions with further enhancements.

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