Surviving the End of Google Universal Analytics

Reading Time: 3 minutes Contents Introduction For many years, Google Analytics has been the go-to analytics platform for SMEs. It is the leading free web analytics platform, offering a range of powerful features that help you make better decisions. Sellerdeck Desktop has incorporated a direct integration with Google Analytics since version 9, including support for ecommerce tracking. In October […]

Sunsetting of Sellerdeck Payments on 31st May 2023 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Version Availability SellerdeckPay is available today with v18.2.2 and v16.1.3, please visit our Downloads Page.  We understand that this will require effort on your end and we want to assure you that we will support you through this process as much as possible. To speak with an Account Manager, please submit a call request here.  If you are […]

Getting the Most From Your Customers

Reading Time: 6 minutes Content Introduction Cross-Sell Intelligently Email Intelligently Offer More for Spending More Help Customers Rewind How Do I Implement an ‘Also Bought’ List on My Website? How Do I Email Lapsed Customers? Introduction By and large your most valuable sales come from your existing customers because the cost of acquisition is minimal. It is important to […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022 Statistics

Reading Time: 4 minutes Contents Economic Climate and Impacting Factors Black Friday and Christmas Measuring Black Friday Data The 2022 Results Keyword Searches and Trends Payment Trends Retail Footfall Conclusion Economic Climate and Impacting Factors Experts anticipated rumbles of uncertainty around our financial climate and predictions of a recession would impact sales figures for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. […]

Ecommerce SEO in the 2020s

Reading Time: 5 minutes Search engine optimisation, the skill of achieving good ranking on the major internet search engines, has evolved hugely since the earliest days of search. Some techniques that worked well in the past are no longer effective. One example is the systematic stuffing of the Meta Keywords tag, which became so heavily manipulated that Google in […]

Exciting News about Sellerdeck’s future

Reading Time: 3 minutes We’re excited to announce that Sellerdeck has been acquired by ClearCourse, a leading group of innovative technology brands providing integrated software and payments solutions. Sellerdeck has performed consistently well over the years, delivering great value into its customer base. To strengthen the company’s position and create an environment which we can see long term growth […]

Ecommerce Payments: Best Practice

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the early days of ecommerce, website owners could capture and download credit card details and process payments offline. One payment method was generally enough – by accepting orders online you were already ahead of the competition. Since those days, things have moved on dramatically. Online fraud has become sophisticated and widespread and security has […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: The Nine Billion Pound Weekend

Reading Time: 8 minutes The UK is predicted to see £9.42 billion in sales over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, with well over half of those sales online. With that amount of cash in the hands of eager shoppers, it’s important your business is an option during the heightened demand for products and deals. How can you […]

5 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Maximize 2022 Sales

Reading Time: 4 minutes Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner and you might be starting to wonder if your website is really ready for the busiest day in retail. This guide will help to make sure that you are prepared for the boost in traffic that comes with the Black Friday shopping trend. It will give you […]

Sellerdeck Desktop – Helping to Build Businesses since 1996

Reading Time: 2 minutes   Over the past few weeks, some of our Sellerdeck Desktop customers have told us about their experience using our platform. Many have been using it for years and have seen their businesses develop alongside the early ecommerce solution. It was fantastic to have so much positivity regarding our platform and services. About Sellerdeck Desktop […]

Big Bad Bounce And How To Reduce It

Reading Time: 7 minutes Contents Introduction Ways to Minimise Bounces How can I add a strapline to my site header? How can I add freestyle content to my Sellerdeck Desktop site? How can I create a banner at the top of a page? Summary Introduction A website ‘bounce’ happens when a visitor lands on a page of your website […]

Sellerdeck Records a New 5-Star Rated Review on Clutch

Reading Time: 2 minutes At Sellerdeck, we’ve been helping our clients succeed for over 25 years. We are an e-commerce agency specialising in Magento and WooCommerce website development, UX/UI, support, and maintenance. Over the years, we have delivered over 1,500 frictionless ecommerce websites, which has seen our clients transact over £11 billion through our platforms.  By combining our skills, […]

Sellerdeck Desktop v18.2.0 Released

Reading Time: 4 minutes We are pleased to announce that a new version of Sellerdeck Desktop is now available. The new release is 18.2.0. There are a number of improvements and fixes. The Key Updates New features Improved Google Pagespeed score Important technical updates Improvements to security and usability Improvements and fixes to payment integrations A significant number of bug fixes […]

The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Website Design in 2023

Reading Time: 11 minutes We’ve created a comprehensive guide on all the components required to achieve excellent WooCommerce website design and development in 2023. Using our 25 years of ecommerce industry knowledge, we’ve explored each of these components, providing a rundown of things to consider. Furthermore, we’ve drawn conclusions and provided recommendations from our own experience, as well as […]

6 Best WordPress Editors for eCommerce in 2023

Reading Time: 7 minutes WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) worldwide, with over 60% of the market share. The platform is versatile and easy to use – perfect for small businesses and ecommerce stores. With a variety of plugins available to elevate the software, it’s no surprise that WordPress editors have become a valuable tool for […]

PayPal – The Perfect Payment Provider for Your Checkout

Reading Time: 3 minutes Creating a successful ecommerce platform is a science. Numerous critical elements must be constructed to support a positive experience and, in turn, encourage the user’s decision to purchase. These elements can be strategically woven to create a profitable customer journey.Building an optimized checkout page is undoubtedly one of the most important considerations for online retailers. […]

8 of the Best WooCommerce Themes in 2023

Reading Time: 11 minutes As more people shop online, it is becoming increasingly important to navigate and pre-empt the exciting world of ecommerce. If you’re looking to create a beautiful online store, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll explore eight of the best WooCommerce themes out there, and we’ll take a look at the factors you need […]

7 Fast and Affordable WooCommerce Hosting Services

Reading Time: 11 minutes If you are looking for the right WooCommerce hosting provider, look no further! This article will discuss seven of the best providers out there. We will examine the granular details required to provide good hosting and explore the companies meeting these requirements.  So, if you are ready to learn more about WordPress and woocommerce cloud […]

6 Best Filter Plugins For WooCommerce

Reading Time: 9 minutes Giving customers the ability to filter products is a lesser-known opportunity for website optimization as it can streamline the user journey and increase conversions. This blog post will explore six of the best WooCommerce product filter plugins available in 2022. Keep reading to learn more about each plugin and find the perfect one for your […]

4 Best Shipping Plugins For WooCommerce 2023

Reading Time: 6 minutes If you’re running a WooCommerce store, you know how important it is to have the correct shipping and fulfilment plugin. If done poorly, it can be a significant drain on resources and hinder the ability to provide good customer care. Selecting the right platform with an intuitive interface and key features can benefit you and […]

The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Website Design And Development In 2023

Reading Time: 13 minutes Designing a website is notoriously difficult. There are so many elements you need to develop that not only look good but function seamlessly to support your customer and ultimately guarantee you the sale. But what are these elements? How should they look? And how can you make sure that they work? In this ultimate guide […]

UX Guide To Website Architecture For eCommerce Businesses

Reading Time: 6 minutes The success of an eCommerce website can fall down to just one thing: accessibility. That means that if a customer can’t find your site or can’t find your product, then they won’t convert no matter what your price point or USP. So how accessible your website is to customers is a big deal to your […]

UX Guide To Ecommerce Website Navigation In 2023

Reading Time: 6 minutes Designing a user-friendly e-commerce navigation UX can be difficult. It needs a simplistic taxonomy, mobile-friendly buttons, and carefully chosen links. This guide will teach you how to enhance your eCommerce navigation UX with 6 best practices. Why Is Your Website Navigation UX Important? When it comes to designing an eCommerce website, a lot of us […]

Sellerdeck Competition

Elavon Competition Blog Banner 2

Reading Time: 2 minutes Save up to 40% on merchant services fees and win £1,000 off Sellerdeck Services for one year Who doesn’t want to save money on their merchant services? Elavon could save your business up to 40% a year! In fact, one of our customers saved £12,000 a year by simply switching. Not only could you save […]

Ecommerce Website Development: Which Platform?

Shopify Logo, Magento Logo, WooCommerce Logo

Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’re just launching your business online or your business has outgrown your old website, you will need to start your journey by choosing which ecommerce website platform to use. Different platforms offer various features and benefits for the many sizes and requirements of each ecommerce business and it’s important to note the advantages and […]

5 Best Shipping and Fulfilment Softwares For Managing Ecommerce Orders in 2023

Reading Time: 7 minutes Shopping habits are evolving, moving from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to online websites. This trend has been sped up by the events of the last few years, with 71% of us shopping online more than before. So it’s more important than ever for eCommerce businesses to have stable and reliable shipping and fulfilment software to be […]

Guide to the Best Payment Methods for Maximum Profit

Reading Time: 7 minutes With more and more people becoming aware of the potential dangers of the internet, shoppers are becoming warier of what details they submit online and where. Although recent online shopping trends show that this does not hinder people from buying from websites, it does affect what type of website people buy from. Contents: Introduction Criteria […]

6 Tips To Improve Your Checkout Page For Profit In 2023


Reading Time: 6 minutes Did you know that your checkout page is one of the most important pages on your website? No matter how much effort you put into obtaining that customer, how your checkout page works, looks and loads can make or break the sale. This guide will help you to improve your checkout page in 2023 to […]

3 Ways to Improve Your WooCommerce Product Pages for Max Sales

Reading Time: 4 minutes Did you know that the market for online sales in the UK hit £222 billion in 2020? If you want to improve your online sales, you need to know how to customise a WooCommerce product page. That way, you’ll be able to include as many details as your customers need. As they shop around your site, they won’t […]

Sellerdeck Payments powered by NMI Security upgrade

Important changes required Sellerdeck banner

Reading Time: 2 minutes From the first quarter of 2022 Sellerdeck Payments powered by NMI will enforce a security upgrade. If you are not on the latest version of Sellerdeck Desktop (v16.1.1, v18.1.1 or higher) you must take action now to ensure you can continue to receive card payments. Without taking action you will not be able to receive […]

5 SEO Errors Ecommerce Websites Make

Reading Time: 6 minutes SEO is a huge part of any website and is an important marketing channel for ecommerce websites. So understanding how to do SEO and what common SEO errors websites make is critical. It will help you to avoid mistakes that could have a big impact on your rankings, traffic, and revenue.   That’s why this guide […]

9 Steps To Write A Product Description That Sells

Shopping Online Orange Peachy Colour with Clay Basket

Reading Time: 6 minutes Whether you are selling stationery or surfboards, cups or cars, customers like to buy from a product that is unique, trustworthy, and offers them a solution to their problem. But if a customer is shopping online, they can’t see, touch, or feel your products, so how do they know that your product is right for […]

7 Ways to Increase your Customer Retention

Review Writing

Reading Time: 6 minutes With the costs of marketing, it is usually more expensive to find a new customer than it is to get an existing customer to buy from you again. But getting a new customer is a lot easier and quicker, which is why customer retention strategies often get overlooked. When used properly, customer retention tactics will […]

How to size your WooCommerce products images for maximum quality

Reading Time: 6 minutes In today’s competitive market, you need to be able to sell your products with ease and without any obstacles. One of the best ways to do that is by making sure that they look as good as possible. If you have WooCommerce products on your site, there are a few things you should know about […]

Amazon announce Prime Day 2021

Reading Time: < 1 minute Amazon has announced the prime day will start at midnight on June 21 and will end June 22. This is essentially a summer edition of Black Friday, where Amazon subscribers can get some great deals on home appliance, new tech, fashion and DYI. If you own or run an ecommerce store, this is a perfect […]