Exciting News about Sellerdeck’s future

Exciting News about Sellerdeck’s future

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We’re excited to announce that Sellerdeck has been acquired by ClearCourse, a leading group of innovative technology brands providing integrated software and payments solutions.

Sellerdeck has performed consistently well over the years, delivering great value into its customer base.

To strengthen the company’s position and create an environment which we can see long term growth and success, we recognise the benefits from being part of a larger group.

Sellerdeck understands the quality of its offering is based on the quality of its people and we’re incredibly lucky to have a fantastic team of talented individuals who drive our business forward. This acquisition gives them the added guidance and resources for continued growth.

Our brilliant team will remain, including the management team and our CEO, Josh Barling. We will continue our work to scale businesses as a trusted ecommerce provider, ensuring the same high standards. Sellerdeck Limited remains as the same legal entity, with all customer contracts unchanged.

What this means for our customers:

  • You will continue to receive the same service as you have been
  • There are no changes to your contracts
  • All the same people you are used to dealing with will remain and continue to work with you
  • We’ll continue to invest in our product and services with exciting new opportunities to access ClearCourse’s technology
  • Benefit from ClearCourse’s retail sector and its breadth of knowledge and software and payment solutions  

Since our founding in 1996, our values have been deeply ingrained and preserving these was an essential consideration throughout the acquisition process. It’s exciting to be part of the ClearCourse group who share the same values.

Josh Barling, CEO of Sellerdeck, said: “I’m very pleased to share the news that Sellerdeck is joining ClearCourse. At a critical time for our growth, we stand to benefit immensely from working with the group’s warm and highly capable team, with its impressive experience of integrating e-commerce systems. Integration with a diverse set of businesses brings us promising new opportunities to add value to our customers and give them the best software solutions they need to run successful businesses.”

About ClearCourse

Founded in 2018, ClearCourse is a group of innovative technology companies investing in industry-specific and market-leading software businesses which serve small and medium enterprises across the UK. 

ClearCourse have acquired brands that span membership, business services, events, leisure and the retail sector, creating lasting value by connecting specialist teams with integrated, complementary products. At the group’s core is a vision of ‘working better together’.

ClearCourse’s FAIR value system:

  • Futureproofed – Seeing out innovation and continually striving for progress 
  • Approachable – Approachable and communicating with respect and empathy 
  • Integrity – Always doing what they believe to be the right thing 
  • Responsibility – Accountable for themselves, each other and their organisation

To learn more about ClearCourse, please visit their website.

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