Sellerdeck Desktop v18.2.0 Released

Sellerdeck Desktop v18.2.0 Released

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We are pleased to announce that a new version of Sellerdeck Desktop is now available. The new release is 18.2.0. There are a number of improvements and fixes.

The Key Updates

  • New features
  • Improved Google Pagespeed score
  • Important technical updates
  • Improvements to security and usability
  • Improvements and fixes to payment integrations
  • A significant number of bug fixes

Please Note Before Downloading:

You will need to upgrade to the new widget extension which is compatible with the latest version and is also backwards compatible. 

Version 2.0.0 of the Swift Extension is not compatible with Desktop v18.2.0. If you upgrade to v18.2.0 first, and you want to upgrade to Swift afterwards, you will need to wait for version 2.1.0 of the Swift extension.

If you have already implemented Swift in an earlier version of Desktop, and you wish to upgrade to v18.2.0, you can do so safely.

The v18.2.0 upgrader will apply all the necessary changes to your Swift site. You will have the option to view a detailed log of the changes during the upgrade process. If any changes cannot be applied because of customisations to your site, you will see a warning.

v18.2.0 can use the same licence key as v18.1.0. If you have a Cover or Desktop 365 contract but do not have a v18.1.0 key, please request this from If you do not have a contract, please reach out to an account manager at

Get the latest version of Sellerdeck Desktop Now (v18.2.0), new features are waiting for you. Visit the downloads page to upgrade today.

The New Features

Support for Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows you to deploy tracking tags to your website for conversion tracking, site analytics and remarketing. GTM simplifies the method so you can track your user’s behaviour beyond Google Analytics.

Support for Google Analytics GA4

Sellerdeck Desktop now supports GA4. Google Analytics Universal will stop tracking data in 2023, so it is important that you set up GA4 as early as possible to collect historical data. GA4 uses measurements based on events and parameters, unlike Google Analytics Universal which uses page views and sessions. GA4 has been introduced to address a cookieless future.

Find out how to set up goal tracking in GA4 through our Knowledge Base:

Setting up goal tracking in GA4

‘Reset All Duplicates’ button

Promotion of PayPal ‘Buy Now Pay Later’

Buy Now Pay Later payment methods have grown in popularity with consumers over the last few years with online purchases using this service growing at a rate of 39% per year. Sellerdeck Desktop now has the functionality to use this method through ‘PayPal ‘Buy Now Pay Later’.

Find out how to set up Buy Now Pay Later through our Knowledge Base:

PayPal’s Buy Now Pay Later styling and configuration. Part 1

PayPal’s Buy Now Pay Later styling and configuration. Part 2


Predicted shipping calculation

Layout Code Editor improvements

  • Page and site preview buttons
  • Remembers last-used position in the layout  

The Key Updates

Improved Google Pagespeed Score 

Removed synchronous calls from filtering and document write from standard layouts

Added an option in the Search and Filtering Settings to “Store Cache Information in Page” (requires the webserver to be configured for a short browser cache timeout).

Technical Updates 

Updated the Google Analytics integration from the obsolete analytics.js to gtag.js; and removed the ‘Legacy Analytics’ option

Replaced the Perl modules Crypt::SSLeay and Net::SSL, which are no longer supported by some web hosts, and replaced some deprecated Perl code 

Extended support for .webp image files to filtered pages

Security Improvements 

Stronger encryption of orders online

Fixes for an order script vulnerability and a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the search script

The Visitor IP address is now anonymised in Google Analytics and encrypted in the error log

Better Desktop Usability  

Improved several panels in the Content Details to make better use of space

Removing filtering from a section no longer requires a full refresh

Added a warning to prevent shutting the PC down during database compaction, to prevent corruption of the backup

Improved the speed of previewing the picking list report on a SQL Server site

Payment Gateway Improvements and Fixes  

Enabled repeat payments for Opayo based on earlier orders from non-account customers

Enabled orders to safely have payments using different payment methods

PayPal and Amazon checkouts now respect Sellerdeck tax and shipping settings

PayPal can now be temporarily disabled online

Plus fixes for 11 field-reported bugs as listed in the Release Notes

General Bug Fixes 

Fixed a further 33 field-reported bugs as listed in the Release Notes

Get the latest version of Sellerdeck Desktop Now (v18.2.0), new features are waiting for you. Visit the downloads page to upgrade today.

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