Google Chrome – Important HTTPS changes due in July

Google Chrome – Important HTTPS changes due in July

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In June last year, we wrote about some upcoming changes which affected users of the Google Chrome browser. In short: if your website did not have HTTPS (the browser padlock), Google started adding ‘Not Secure’ warnings on site pages with form fields, including the checkout.

What’s new?
In an announcement on Thursday, Google confirmed that from July 2018, those running Chrome 68 or newer would start seeing ‘Not Secure’ for ALL HTTP websites.

What does this mean for you?
Ultimately, this will affect your online sales. Customers shopping online are looking for assurance and trust in the website in which they are parting their sensitive information. Customers are likely to abandon their shopping cart when confronted with a warning about security. And Google are likely to further encourage HTTPS by adjusting the PageRank of non-secure websites.

I’m new to HTTPS and SSL. What does this mean?
For years, HTTPS (also known as the padlock in the browser) had only embraced by banks, insurance companies and big retailers such as Amazon. HTTPS is a secure type of connection to a webpage, which is created using an SSL certificate – which essentially creates an encrypted pipe around your information, so others can’t see it.

How do I go HTTPS?
To enable HTTPS, you’ll need an SSL certificate. If you’re a Sellerdeck Hosting customer, we can purchase and install one for you. If you are hosted elsewhere, you should contact your hosting provider.

Why’s the Sellerdeck website not HTTPS?
We’re working on it! Our important Support and Billing sites have always been secure, but the ones which don’t directly collect credit card information weren’t.

Further reading (from the Google blog)

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