Feefo reviews: turning a negative into a positive

Feefo reviews: turning a negative into a positive

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If you’re a business that is confident in the quality of products and service you provide for your customers, then reading a customer review is never a nail biting scenario.

But what do you do when you receive negative feedback?

Like the famous saying, you should turn that frown upside down, and always see a negative review as a positive. Trust me! People won’t trust a site if all they’ve acquired is glowing 5 star reviews; it’s not reflective of any business or the diversity of customers you likely receive daily. According to Feefo, 81% of shoppers read several negative reviews to judge consistency. So, without the negatives it will lead consumers to think that fake reviews are at work. Never a good impression.

You can’t offer everything to everyone, and that’s good! Because by reading those bad reviews you will learn about who your customers are, which will help shape your business and put you on the path to defining what makes you unique.

As a little-known individual by the name of Bill Gates said:

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning

Every negative feedback and criticism should always be seen as a learning experience for your business. 81% of consumers read negatives reviews and 54% become suspicious if they cannot find any. So, if you are worried about receiving negative feedback, don’t panic! Just make sure to listen, respond quickly, address the issue and you will increase the likelihood of repeat business. Feefo offer a free ‘how-to’ guide on how to handle negative reviews, and are the experts when it comes to collecting and managing your customer reviews.

So, what should you do once a negative review has been shared online?


Let’s leave on a positive

Negative reviews aren’t personal, it’s business. It’s how you approach and deal with them that will see your business grow for the better. You can find out more about how integrating Feefo reviews will benefit your online business by visiting our Feefo partner services page. Or alternatively, give us a call on 0845 129 4888 or email sales@sellerdeck.co.uk

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