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Website Design Exeter

Looking for an Exeter based eCommerce website design company, that is determined to deliver success?

25 Years of Ecommerce Website Design and Development Experience

Sellerdeck is one of the largest and most successful ecommerce web design agencies in Exeter, Devon. We’ve been helping businesses sell online for over 25 years, specialising in building and maintaining websites, using WooCommerce and Magento.

Website Design Exeter

Exeter is a hub for technology businesses, largely because of the talent from the pool of 22,000 students that the local University produces, which attracts businesses and encourage startups. Sellerdeck’s head office is based in Exeter, but the company is more than a Magento and WooCommerce agency in Devon and stretches beyond the South West, including an office based out of Chennai India.

Depth of Skill and Development Resource

Our web design and development Being a web design Exeter agency with over 30 employees puts us in a position where we can meet customers’ requirements across a range of services. Being a technically focused agency means our web development services are of a high standard as our staff are technically capable.

Affordable Prices 

We know that price is a sticking point, we have website projects that start from £2,500. However, we have a solution for every business that’s including small to medium, all the way up to enterprise eCommerce stores. 

Technical Experts

We are technical experts when it comes to ecommerce website implementation. We provide a consultation process, where we understand your commercial goals and drivers. So we can build a frictionless site that can achieve your ambitions and return on investment – from customisations on category pages or products pages through to bespoke configurations of your checkout pages.

Frictionless Templates

Our best practice website templates are designed with the latest web development knowledge to capture and convert visitor traffic. We have optimised for SEO, UX/UI design so you can rank higher on search engines like Google or Bing, but through great UX can also convert traffic at the checkout.

Explore our ecommerce website services

We offer a range of comprehensive solutions to all ecommerce merchants from hosting and website support to web development projects.

Web Design & Development

Great websites, from the front end design and functionality, to the back office order fulfilment.

Maintenance Contracts

High uptime, fast sites and quality technical support to ensure your business is always open.


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When you’re running an ecommerce website, there’s a lot to worry about. You have long hours of tedious work that only get worse as your business grows and more tasks pile up on top of each other. That doesn’t even include the technical challenges behind maintaining such websites in general!

But we can help with those too! Our team has years worth of experience working with many different types of businesses like yours – so no matter what happens next or how big things grow for you, our bespoke WooCommerce solution will make sure everything stays safe and sound.

Get the most out of your ecommerce website with WooCommerce. Explore all the possibilities now with one of our WooCommerce experts. We’re always here to help! Give us a call or book an appointment online and we’ll answer all of your questions – there is no obligation at this stage, it’s just a conversation.

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