The Sellerdeck eBay extension

The Sellerdeck eBay extension

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With the recent release of our eBay Extension for V16, we wanted to let you know how selling on eBay can maximise your sales and increase your revenue.

Set up in 1995, eBay is one of the Top 10 Global Retail Brands with over 162 million active buyers, purchasing products from individual, local sellers from around the world. As eBay themselves note ‘If it exists in the world, it probably is for sale on eBay’ and an eBay store is a great way to generate some extra revenue alongside your online store, particularly if you’re selling niche products.

With over 900 million live listings (as of 1/1/16), whilst it may seem like a crowded marketplace, customers of eBay are usually looking for something specific, whether it be a certain brand or item of clothing, a car part or something weird and wonderful like a suit of armor for a guinea pig, which sold for $1,150 in 2013. As a recovering eBay addict myself (Topshop dress for £10? yes please), what really stood out to me when browsing for items, was the quality of the product image, the price of postage and packaging, how closely the product matches the product description in terms of sizing, branding etc. and overall reviews of the seller.

Whilst selling on eBay can seem daunting, as with any online store, if you have clear, engaging product titles, high quality images, competitive pricing (particularly with postage & packaging), and a build-up of good reviews you will soon see orders regularly coming in. And, with the release of the Sellerdeck eBay Extension, it’s now even easier to process all of your potential eBay orders!

As well as allowing you to simply process all of your eBay orders alongside your telephone and website orders in Sellerdeck 2016, the eBay extension features a range of benefits including:

-All completed orders are downloaded and converted into Sellerdeck order record

-Status emails are sent automatically from eBay to the customer

-There is a direct order download direct from eBay – meaning no .csv export/import is needed

-Orders can be retrieved manually, or automatically at predefined intervals.

-The Sellerdeck stock record is automatically updated for orders from eBay (provided a product identifier is used)

-The tax is automatically back calculated according to your site and/or product tax setting.

-The order statuses are automatically updated in your eBay account.

If you want to hear more about our eBay extension or how to upgrade to the latest version of Sellerdeck, please contact our Sales Team on 0845 129 4888 or email

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