Sellerdeck 365 – The perfect integrated platform for your business

Sellerdeck 365 – The perfect integrated platform for your business

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When running a business online your first concern is undoubtedly making a profitable website. But what’s the second? At Sellerdeck we feel that keeping that website up and running using a reliable hosting and support service is the crux to a successful Ecommerce business.

This month sees the release of Sellerdeck Desktop 365. Offered on an affordable monthly subscription model, our new solution combines the latest release of Sellerdeck desktop, with support and hosting, creating the perfect integrated platform.

With the forthcoming release of this new integrated services solution, we have interviewed Steve Wardell, the Services Manager at Sellerdeck to ask his thoughts on what it takes to be a good hosting provider.

What makes our hosting different to other hosting providers?

All providers will allow you to have an operating website or store, but the difference between Sellerdeck and other providers is that we have developed ours to specifically support the Sellerdeck desktop software. We often get asked “why should I choose Sellerdeck when other providers can host my website and do it cheaper”?

Well what we do, and what other hosting companies don’t necessarily offer, is we monitor all our hosting at multiple levels.

If you choose a cheap as chips hosting provider, and something goes wrong, is there actually anybody you can phone? Even if you get through their telephone system and multiple choice and speak with someone, the likelihood is that it’s not the right person you need to talk to and they just want to sell you something. You phone Sellerdeck, what happens? You get through to support, who know that you are a Sellerdeck customer with support, on our hosting and will be able to immediately go and look at your website.

We’re monitoring it to the level where we will know when it’s gone wrong way before you notice, and in any number of cases, we’ll fix it before you’ve even noticed.

It’s proactive hosting. The last thing we want is for the customer to get to the point and phone support and say “my website isn’t working”. That is a mitigating failure, not in terms of the hosting, but with everything we’re trying to do to make sure it stays up.

On a day to day basis much of my time is spent monitoring and preventing problems, so rather than waiting until the server has run out of disk space, I want to know when the disk space is down to 75% and get some more, and plan that proactively. And other companies, £9.99 a year for your hosting, might not be doing that as proactively.

How will a Sellerdeck customer benefit from our Desktop 365 hosting and support package?

Everybody wants a single point of contact. Everybody wants the safety and security side of it and that if anything goes wrong with their site, all they have to do is phone one person.

What happens here is you ring up and you should get through to somebody who will fix it for you there and then. It’s all us. There isn’t somebody else involved. This is all Sellerdeck. You’re using our software, on our hosting and can even use our PSP. You’ll have the design built by us. The team coordinates and communicates to fix a problem. They’re the champion for the customer.

Also, all our servers are protected at a cost to us by DDOS mitigation, which adds an extra level of protection to your website.

So, if you are interested in investing with Sellerdeck Desktop 365, or want to know more information on our packages, then call our sales team today.

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