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Veals Mail Order (VMO) are sea fishing tackle specialists. Veals quickly identified the trend of online retail and became one of the first suppliers to invest in an ecommerce website in 1992. Veals pride themselves on offering excellent customer service with an extensive range of stock, same-day dispatch (where possible), and competitive pricing.


Veals were previously using Sellerdeck Desktop for their ecommerce platform. As the business developed, the team recognised the need for further developments to resolve inefficiencies within their operations.

For example, Veals could not link to different platforms and track orders placed via different channels (such as eBay). This caused challenges when managing the software and stock levels. Veals recognized the need for investment and were keen to swap to a cloud-based platform.


Veals outlined the following requirements within their brief:

  • To overall improve the efficiency of operations, primarily focusing on reducing the time and reliance on people
  • Connect different channels (eBay, Amazon, Google Merchants etc) for better visibility and management of data, like stock values
  • Refresh the website and update the aesthetic
  • Include new features capable of driving loyalty and increasing sales, amongst both new and repeat customers
  • Reduce the time per customer interaction by improving the digital communication
  • Establish a strong training program for existing staff and easy onboarding for new staff
  • Build a platform that unlocks future opportunities

Results and Achievements

WooCommerce was identified as the best platform for Veals. This user-friendly, flexible platform provides merchants with the flexibility to create a website best suited to their business requirements.  

We built an advanced WooCommerce store with all of the required integrations including eBay, Amazon, Google Merchants, and MailChimp. This has improved system management and helped the client manage stock levels and sales across all platforms.

In addition, we added a range of features to help with UX and UI. The user journey has been modernised with a branding refresh, a modern aesthetic, improved navigation, product filtering, advanced shipping options etc.

Specific Features

We improved navigation and product discovery with the creation of advanced attribute sets that can be used in filtering, search and other areas of the website.

Veals identified the key elements required for the attribute sets and we uploaded these to the platform.

Stock control has been enabled on all products, to provide a real time stock figure.

This is not only beneficial on the back-end, it helps to ensure that no customers are disappointed due to limited stock.

Ship Theory has been integrated to add advanced shipping options for users. Shipping is calculated to reflect the following considerations:

  • Destination
  • Cart content
  • Specific products with certain rules (e.g. rods always sent through Fed Ex)

Rules have been implemented to decide the best carrier and service to use. The current options are:

  • Fedex
  • DPD
  • Royal Mail

The payment gateway on Veals website provides a variety of options for customers including:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • V12 Finance
  • Klarna

Users can crease customer accounts on their website when they register either through the checkout or before they’ve placed an order through the Log in page.

Customer accounts will be enabled wit the following features:

  • Store multiple access
  • Order history
  • Loyalty scheme information

In addition, all existing accounts from Sellerdeck Desktop were migrated as part of the re-development.

The website has a variety of sales and marketing integrations including Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping and MailChimp.

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