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The Floor Heating Warehouse

Floor Heating Warehouse is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of underfloor heating products and systems. They have recently gone through a WooCommerce development project.

Commercial goals achieved

We removed manual processes by integrating QuickBooks, this has saved 4 hours of time a day which The Floor Heating Warehouse has been able to invest back into growth initiatives.

We modernised their website in order for it to compete with up and coming competitors, as well as build browser confidence. 

Major improvements have been made in the website functionality and UX. This has led to an increase in conversion rate.

Customers technical requirements

The Floor Heating Warehouse has been a client of ours for many years. They highlighted some initial challenges with resource and content production. They were unable to optimise content for search engines due to a number of manual processes and procedures that required a significant amount of time, this was indirectly affecting their conversation rate. 

They had previously been downloading orders from Sellerdeck Desktop and then copying and pasting information into QuickBooks. Their commercial goal was to gain more time, so they could invest it into their business in areas that would return on investment. One of these being content production and optimisation for improving their organic search ranking places. We aligned their commercial goals with WooCommerce UK, a fully scalable, affordable and feature-rich platform.

Features and functionalty

Restructure of variations 

The new website has streamlined the user experience on multiple products pages by adding quantity based options for customers. This has resulted in a more informative, seamless and intuitive browsing process. This was applied for customer convenience, as it reduces the click depth of the pages. This means that when you visit the products page, there will be multiple items available, so it’ll take less time scrolling through pages to find what they are looking for. Now all customers need to do is select how much stock they’re interested in buying which makes browsing quicker than ever before while not sacrificing quality control whatsoever. 

Easier back-end management 

Floor heating migrated to WooCommerce from our desktop platform. WooCommerce is a cloud-based platform, which has enabled Floor Heating to manage its store from anywhere, on any device. The intuitive interface has made maintaining and managing the functionality of their site frictionless.

Enhanced navigation for usability

For years, many users have experienced the hassle and inconvenience of online shopping. One particular obstacle that they often encounter is difficulty finding a product because of poor navigation. The website utilizes the mega menu structure, which improved internal linking and accessibility for all their categories and products. The site also includes a fast product filtering feature, so visitors can find the items they want, in half of the time.

Multi-selection for attributes

The WooCommerce web design has dynamic pricing, which shows the breakdown of the price (itemised pricing), is a clean way of upselling on one product details page. This has improved the UX of the site by integrating all the relevant items and prices into one easy to navigate table.

WooCommerce intergrations

The benefit of WooCommerce is that it has a wealth of extensions and integrations. We integrated QuickBooks which has improved The Floor Heating Warehouse order fulfilment process which has saved their team 4 hours of time a day, which they have reinvested into content optimisation. As well as this we have integrated Feefo a customer review platform and Opayo (formerly sage pay).

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