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——— WooCommerce Development, Hosting & Maintenance

Introduction to LOMO

LOMO started up in 2000, and they’ve grown to have a strong brand presence in their industry, world-class sports products straight to customers for affordable prices. Their range includes various product lines such as triathlon and motorcycle gear, with the main focus on traditional water sports, including kayaking, sailing, and diving. As well as a standard ecommerce platform, LOMO also has repair facilities and a prototyping workshop.


LOMO have been a client for many years, initially starting out as the on our Sellerdeck Desktop platform.  While this platform worked well, LOMO recognised the benefits of investing in their ecommerce platform and the opportunity for revenue generation through the savings made by optimising current processes. 


LOMO approached us with the project of updating their website to a new ecommerce platform. Through this, they wanted to:

  • Achieve increased profitability by strengthening the LOMO brand through a greatly improved online user experience, delivering a high-quality journey throughout which builds further value into the brand.
  • Grow sales through an increase in conversion rate and average order value, created from a better user experience throughout the journey.
  • Connect sales channels to improve management and data visibility for a better customer experience and greatly reduced content and order fulfilment effort.
  • Integrate fulfilment systems to reduce effort and create automated processes which removes reliance on individuals and their knowledge   

Results and Achievements

We successfully provided LOMO with a new WooCommerce platform for their business. We provided support through the entire journey, from the initial scope to ongoing hosting and support following the launch.

Full data migration was completed to allow for a smooth transfer onto the new system. We added marketplace integrations to allow for cross-platform management on Amazon and eBay, saving considerable admin time. The new CRM system captures customer service inquiries and our SEO support ensured that no rankings were lost during the migration process.

Specific Features

We completed a full data migration to transfer all of the historic data to the new site. This included over 5,000 existing customer accounts along with orders, order history and invoices.

Knives are sold on the website so this required an age verification system.

As with any website re-launch, it’s vital not to lose ranking and retention. The existing website had over 1,400 pages so we performed an optimization exercise to limit the loss of authority within search results. As a precautionary measure, we tracked top keywords prior to the website launch to monitor the unlikely chance of any fluctuation.

Additional SEO support was provided by our in-house SEO specialists. This allowed for the identification of areas of opportunity and practical advise on improving search engine rankings.

We’ve integrated a CRM platform to capture customer service enquiries and answers using shared inboxes and canned responses

We’ve integrated a variety of solutions such as Ebay, Amazon, Loqate (address validation),  Feefo (independent feedback) etc.