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KJN Aluminium

KJN Automation Ltd has been specialising in Precision Engineering since 1997. Since then the company has built a strong brand and long standing relationships with customers who require aluminium profile. KJN are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Extruded Aluminium profile and Accessories and associated products.

Commercial goals achieved

  • Improved browser experience from initial order and throughout fulfilment
  • Reduced time and effort on fulfilment and customer service
  • Visibility throughout entire order fulfilment process
  • Converted offline orders to online orders which reduce customer service efforts and costs

Clients technical requirements

KJN approached Sellerdeck with a long list of unique requirements their industry and customers demanded and had confidence that Sellerdeck was the right agency to deliver on those requirements to a high standard. KJN were haemorrhaging time and effort in areas which functionality and automation could complete quickly and efficiently. One of the main objectives was to reduce costs by improving efficiency, which was achieved through a series of features and integrations.

Along with saving time, the new processes and features gave greater visibility of orders, customers and stock which has resulted in a generally better performing business. The unique products and types of orders created a real challenge for Sellerdeck and required significant bespoke development to ensure the entire journey from capturing an order to fulfilling it was an enjoyable experience for the customer and KJN’s staff.

Sellerdeck identified Magneto as the appropriate platform to meet KJN’s complex requirements.

Specific features

KJN’s best selling products are the different types of aluminium profile, cut to length with drilling options.

The ‘Specify your length in mm’ field allows for a browser to enter a specific length between 100mm to 6,000mm and automatically calculates the appropriate price and weight based on a data table setup per product in the CMS of Magento.

The fabrication team cut profile lengths based on a Job Sheet, which is a document that contains all the required information for fabrication. This is a bespoke document with information from the online and telephone orders. Sellerdeck added a Job Sheet document on all orders, which was embedded into the Magento UI so that the admin team could quickly print the job sheet and send to the warehouse.

KJN use Sage Accounts for all customer, product and stock management and were previously manually rekeying orders from their website into Sage.

An automated integration running on a scheduler exports all the complex data and imports it into Sage. Although this can sound simple, when you include all the customisations it becomes hugely complex and highlights many areas that require deep thought to find and deliver a solution.

This was achieved and now KJN no longer re-enter
data everyday.

KJN offers design services for bespoke products which are typically a fabrication of profile for uses such as: aquariums, trolly holders, exhibition stands, and some other very random requests.

Sellerdeck created a Bespoke Product which allowed for this type of product and handled all the associated data management issues.

As KJN sells to businesses, not all orders can be confirmed until a price has been given and subsequently a PO created. Therefore Sellerdeck developed a quote tool which allowed for this process, with the specific features to cope with KJN’s unique products and processes.


KJN has achieved its main goal of reducing time wastage through the use of technology. This has resulted in more available time within the team to focus on activities that progress on the businesses other objectives.

B2B eCommerce is developing rapidly and KJN now have a system that gives the functionality required to accept orders online, resulting in a more buying options for different types of customers and less time spent per order, while still maintaining order accuracy.