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A new era for Clubhouse Golf.

Clubhouse Golf is one of the UK’s fastest-growing sellers of golf equipment, clothing and accessories. They’ve marked a new era in their company’s development with the launch of a brand-new online store, built by Sellerdeck.

The new website provides golfing enthusiasts with the ability to research and buy products, whether they are at home, in the office or on the fairway. The updated online store has increased speed, customer reach and ease of use and is already driving increased sales.

But hang on, why is this important to me? 

This website is the most advanced e-commerce store ever built using Sellerdeck. Mobile and tablet revenue alone increased by more than 44% year-on-year in the two weeks after launch… With all the features, functionality and know-how Sellerdeck have available, we ask you…

Does your site stack up? If not, why not?

Upon release of the new mobile-friendly platform, Clubhouse Golf have seen an uplift of 20% year-on-year in mobile and tablet transactions.

Have your mobile sales gone up?


What did we do?

It’s a fact that mobile and tablet traffic is now on-par with desktop. Without a purpose built site, sales could swiftly be lost.

For the Clubhouse Golf site, many mobile-first features went into it:

  • Form Validation (with automatic scrolling to invalid field entries)
  • Image compression
  • Long product names automatically trimmed to fit, with an ellipsis on the end (switch to landscape and the ellipsis is removed, neat!)
  • Completely bespoke mobile menu
  • Mobile specific search
  • Product accordion, with smooth movements to fit the screen

avoid traffic jams.

“The team at Clubhouse Golf have a clear vision for their business and recognise the importance of technology to achieve their goals. Sellerdeck has played a key role in the growth and success by delivering on their highly complex and extensive technical requirements.”

Josh Barling

CEO, Sellerdeck

Design Management

Three teams worked on this project concurrently – Clubhouse Golf were busy updating their live site, the designers were fine tuning the user experience, and the Sellerdeck technical team were implementing sophisticated script changes.

A Sellerdeck Desktop extension was used to save the design layouts and variables to files, automatically keeping track of changes.

When it came to going live, our processes ensured that nothing was missed.


“We selected Sellerdeck for its good understanding of our business and our requirements. The partnership we have developed over the years gives us peace-of-mind. We know that if something goes wrong, then Sellerdeck can fix it.

Finding suppliers who are willing to develop that deep level of understanding of your business is very hard.”

Ben Reeves

Managing Director, Clubhouse Golf

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About Clubhouse Golf

Clubhouse Golf was originally a family business founded by PGA Pro Paul and now run by Paul’s two sons: Ben Reeves who is the Managing Director and Sam Reeves, the e-commerce director.

According to Ben, the key factors in the successful development of the business both in-store and online have been their passion for golf and attention to detail.

“We do not just sell golfing products; for as long as Sam and I can remember, we have lived the game” he said. “We both started working in the shop in our late teens, helping to build the counters and displays as well as serving customers before working on the website.

“I believe that our online success is due to providing total commitment and dedication to all our customers and a desire to give them 100% satisfaction. With the support of a full team of PGA golf professionals and expert staff, we can provide a 5-star customer experience and the largest range of golf products at affordable prices.”

Clubhouse Golf is a multi-channel company with a passion for the game. The company has been selling golf products for more than 15 years online and from its Salford-based shop. Its success is down to providing total commitment and dedication to its customers, always striving to give them with 100% satisfaction. With a full team of PGA Golf Professionals and expert staff, Clubhouse Golf provides 5-star customer service and one of the largest range of affordable golf products available online.

We are Sellerdeck

Sellerdeck are experts in e-commerce with 20 years’ experience of building online stores for companies of all sizes. We act as trusted partners to our customers, working alongside them and providing the help they need to achieve their ambitions.

Since 1996, Sellerdeck has helped tens of thousands of business build their online stores and it is estimated that they have turned over more than £11 billion in online sales through our software. Many of our customers began as start-ups and a good number were already household names.

Whatever stage your business is at, when you partner with Sellerdeck you have access to the e-commerce experience and technical skills you need to achieve your goals.