Optimising Google My Business – Advice in 60 seconds

Optimising Google My Business – Advice in 60 seconds

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Google my business (GMB) is a great tool for local SEO. It is surprising that some ecommerce sites don’t even have an account!

I don’t have a GMB

 Find out how to sign up to GMB here.

I have a GMB account

Why should you optimise your GMB?

Local 3 Pack

Is a map listing in Google’s results that show searchers the top three companies Google finds to be the most relevant. The 3 Pack ranks in first place in 93% of local searches. So beat your competitors by optimising your GMB.

3 steps to take when optimising your GMB for local 3-pack?

  1. Update your key business information i.e. business name and category, location, hours of operation, local phone number and website URL.
  2. Optimise your GMB title by adding in keywords (Tip: Investigate what keywords your competitors are using)
  3. Ask your customers to leave reviews on your GMB account (Tip: Ask a customer to leave a review after they’ve had a good experience with you)

Find out how to update your GMB profile here

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