No time for social? The 4 benefits of outsourcing your social media

No time for social? The 4 benefits of outsourcing your social media

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There are over 2.8 billion active social media users worldwide. That’s a lot of people.
So, if you’re sitting there thinking that social media is a fad, or it’s not relevant to your business, then I’m here to say (in the kindest way possible) you’re wrong. Social media is here to stay!

What I’ve often found is a company will say they ‘do social media’ but then I’ll go away and do my research and see they’re not posting regularly enough, optimizing their pages or even engaging with their followers. Or worse, just using it to sell a product.

Already, small to medium sized businesses are harnessing the power of social and are successfully incorporating it into their marketing strategy. And you can too!

The benefits of outsourcing your social media marketing

1. Quick and easy to get started

So, you’ve created a social media account? Box ticked. But, although you may already have your social pages up and live and in glorious technicolour for your customers, a social media expert can help optimize these pages so you get the most out of your profiles.

It also doesn’t hurt having someone in the know on the constantly changing social trends, so you, as a business, are up to date and on trend yourself when it comes to your marketing and creating content.

Tip: Facebook is the best place to start if you’re looking at creating a profile or downsizing the platforms you’re on. With their recent announcement of having 2 billion monthly users, you can’t afford to not be present on this social giant.

2. Saves you valuable time

Often, a company’s reason for neglecting social media is the lack of time or resources to update their platforms on a regular basis. You may be running on full capacity already, so the idea of creating new social strategies and content for marketing campaigns must be a nightmare.

This is one of the key reasons why outsourcing your social media will benefit your business. You need to ask yourself as a business, do you essentially have the time? Just being on a social platform and posting once in a blue moon isn’t enough. Your competitors will be posting almost every day, with relevant and engaging content, and essentially stealing your potential customers.

It also might not be relevant for you to be on certain platforms. That’s the temptation when you first go on social, it’s all new and shiny and easy to sign up to absolutely everything. But what’s the point sharing beautiful images on Instagram for example, if your audience are wanting to engage with you on Twitter? An expert can streamline your social media and make sure you’re only on the platforms that matter to your business and your customers.

social media is a big deal

3. Learn how to ‘social media’ the right way

If you’ve already got a social account, then I would assume you’ve posted at least once about a company update or maybe an upcoming sale? But when you created and shared the content did you consider what your audience wants to see? And how will they benefit from the content you shared?

Content is often a common oversight for companies who are trying to do social media but have very little time to produce valuable and engaging content for their audience. Let’s be honest, no one likes to see continuous sales posts in their news feeds. That’s an unfollow every time in my book.

Allowing an expert to manage your social media will help you target the right people. And by determining your audience through Insights and analytics, the content will be that much easier to create, trust me!

4. Training and guidance for your team

The world of social media is constantly changing and it can be a struggle to keep up. But if you’re reading this and thinking ‘my company is my baby, I don’t want someone else managing my social media’, then I totally get it. At the end of the day, it’s your company. A social media expert isn’t there to dictate how you should run your business, but rather give you the right tips and tools to build a successful social presence.

With some valuable help and guidance from an expert, your team can learn how to manage your social media daily and how to gain a competitive edge.

In conclusion

We don’t assume we know everything about your business and therefore know best on what’s appropriate for your social channels. However, outsourcing your social media efforts, and the task of marketing your business through these ever-growing popular channels can be made easier with a little help from the experts.

Yes. Social media is noisy. But the benefits of outsourcing are HUGE and will instantly make a real difference to your business.

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