July is Independent Retailer Month

July is Independent Retailer Month

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What is #IndieRetailer Month?

July is a month-long celebration of independent and local business. Clare Rayner (the famous Retail Champion) started the campaign to highlight the invasion of big retail chains and to remind people in the local community to shop local. As independent retailers do not have the big budgets of the retail giants, taking advantage of the campaign is a great way to make your mark, with the help of social media and other local independent retailers.

What can you do?

Use social media, and ride the wave of hashtags that will be trending to help consumers see your posts. The official hashtag is #IndieRetail but don’t stop there. Express love for your local community with #Ilove[town]. It has been reported that for every £1 spent locally approx 50p-70p recirculates into the local community.

Team up with another local business and share posts so you are both exposed to each others followers and customer lists. Use this month as an extra boost to engage with customers; run a special giveaway or promotion and build your email subscriber list.

Make sure you can be found

Independent Retail CampaignKeep your website current – and shout about any promotions! People use search engines to find out about local business, so ensure your website is optimised with the towns you cover. If you need some guidance optimising your website pages, our experts can help.

Are you listed on your local business directory? Are there any other places you can list your business so locals and people visiting the area can find you?

What Sellerdeck are doing

Sellerdeck understand that big retailers dominate the ecommerce world. Sellerdeck Desktop and Sellerdeck Cloud ecommerce platforms enable companies to run a first class online store.

During July, Sellerdeck are “shopping local” and will be showcasing a number of our customers products on social media.

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