The PayPal Payment Gateway can be integrated into your ecommerce store whether that be on WooCommerce, Magento and our own platform Sellerdeck Desktop.

The Platform That Grows With You

PayPal Commerce Platform is a comprehensive solution designed to help serve the needs of your business and your customers, whether you’re just getting started or already thriving.

There are more than 295 million PayPal customers around the world and across many platforms and marketplaces. Using PayPal Commerce Platform you can find new markets, new channels, and new high-value customers. All while giving your customers the freedom to buy how they want—nearly anywhere in the world.

Quick and Easy Setup

Sign up for your PayPal Commerce Platform account directly within the ‘Business Settings’ of Sellerdeck Desktop and follow the simple steps through PayPal’s website.

Smart Checkout Buttons

PayPal Smart Buttons allow you to change the colour and shape of the PayPal Checkout button and automatically resize to match the standard checkout button.

Protection and Compliance

PCI DSS Compliant

PayPal Commerce Platform is PCI compliant.

PSD2 and 3D Secure v2 Compliant

Fully compliant with the new PSD2 regulation and 3D Secure v2.

PayPal Seller Protection

PayPal Seller Protection for Merchants on purchases using PayPal Wallet.

Advanced Fraud Tools

PayPal Commerce Platform is at the forefront of fraud technology and protects your business using real-time intelligence and machine learning.

Setup a PayPal Account Now

For full details, please visit PayPal’s Account Setup page

Accessing PayPal Commerce Platform on Sellerdeck Desktop

PayPal Commerce Platform is available in version 18.0.5 and 16.0.7, simply select the option within ‘Business Settings’ | ‘Payment and Security’.

To download these versions please visit our Downloads Page.

For instructions on how to add PayPal Commerce Platform please visit our community post.

Legacy PayPal Integrations with Sellerdeck Desktop

Sellerdeck and PayPal are investing in the new PayPal Commerce Platform integration and will be removing the legacy PayPal integrations in subsequent Sellerdeck Desktop versions.

It is recommended you upgrade to use the new PayPal Commerce Platform, however, you will be in control of when this happens, as the legacy PayPal integrations will remain available on legacy Sellerdeck Desktop versions and within v18.0.5 and v16.0.7.

All subsequent versions (i.e. v18.0.6, v16.0.8 and future versions) will have the legacy PayPal integrations removed, leaving PayPal Commerce Platform as the only PayPal payment method.

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