Independent customer reviews drive traffic, reduce advertising costs and generate up to 25% more sales for businesses just like yours.

But how?

You’re giving customers knowledge about products, an increased level of trust and building confidence through online credibility. Whether you’re selling tools, flowers, building materials or knitwear – consumers trust other consumers.

Key Benefits of Feefo Reviews

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have been influenced by a positive online customer service review when making a buying decision.

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of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site which has user reviews.

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by adding reviews to your store, you can see an 18% uplift in sales.

SEO Benefits

  • Fresh, unique and relevant content regularly
  • User Generated Content (UGC) meaning the searchable content is more likely to match up with search terms from other regularly web users
  • Improved ranking for “Product name + Review”, which will be a very popular term
  • If your reviews are optimised, you will also increase the Click-Through Rate from search engine results page due to ‘rich snippets’ (the star ratings you see on Google, etc)
  • Increased chance of targeting long-tail searches
  • Increased chances of attracting new customers

Get Noticed

With Feefo’s partnership with Google, Bing and Yahoo!, genuine reviews can drive new traffic to your website. With ratings contributing to your Google Stars – making you immediately more visible and trusted.

It’s no secret that Google prioritise trusted retailers in their search results, start improving your ranking and become the trusted choice for your new customers.

Increase your sales

Building trust is a key factor in generating a successful purchase. Getting your reviews in the right places across your website can be the difference between an abandoned purchase, or a happy customer!

If you’re making use of services such as Google Adwords for paid advertising, your gold stars will increase your click through to your site, and reduce your overall spend.

Turn bad reviews into new customers

It may surprise you, but bad reviews could be good for you. For some online retailers, getting bad reviews is the main thing putting them off getting feedback.

However, if you’re getting bad reviews, something is going wrong and it needs to change! Without getting that customer feedback, you could already be losing customers without knowing quite why.

A Reevoo stat has suggested that bad reviews can actually increase conversion by as much as 67%.

Some consumers fear that reviews have been faked if they’re all glowing feedback, so the odd negative or moderate bit of feedback humanises the process. Luckily, with Feefo, all reviews and verified customers.

Getting a bad review gives you a chance to take hold of your Customer Service and stop problems from escalating. When a customer has a bad experience, it used to be said that they will tell 10 of their friends. Nowadays, they tell thousands of followers on Social Media. The review process allows you to control feedback and correct the issue, resulting in positive PR.

How do I get setup with Feefo?

Feefo is fully integrated with Sellerdeck Desktop version 16.0.0 onwards, making it easier for you to setup and automatically managing feedback email requests. There is an extension available to download and our support team will help you quickly implement Feefo. 

Contact an Account Manager to create your Feefo account and connect with our support team.

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