Sellerdeck is pleased to announce the release of an integration with Amazon Pay on it’s Sellerdeck Desktop platform. The partnership between Sellerdeck and this new checkout service gives Sellerdeck Desktop users access to the many benefits that Amazon Pay offers. 

Amazon Pay makes it easy for millions of Amazon customers to pay on third party websites using the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon accounts. Amazon Pay can help merchants add new customers, increase sales and turn casual browsers into buyers. It’s fast, easy and trusted — leverage the Amazon brand to help grow your business.

Your Benefits

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • 300 million Amazon customers with an Amazon account
  • Simplified payment process can help increase conversion rates and sales
  • Payment happens in widgets on your website – no forwarding to Amazon
  • Fraud protection
  • True payment processing – no transfer of product or shopping cart data

For information on Amazon Pay pricing after the offer, please visit the Amazon support page.

Accessing Amazon Pay

To take advantage of this saving and set up an Amazon Pay account, please visit Amazon Pay Registration for Sellerdeck Users.

The Amazon Pay integration is available on version 18.0.4 and version 16.0.6 (and subsequent patches and versions). This new checkout service is easily added within the Business Settings of the Sellerdeck Desktop software and there is no charge from Sellerdeck to enable Amazon Pay within the software. To download version 18.0.4 or 16.0.6 please visit Sellerdeck’s Ecommerce Software support area.

Amazon Pay Case Studies:

There has been plenty of evidence that merchants experience great improvements after adding Amazon Pay as a payment method. A toy retailer has increased conversions by 14%, and a fashion retailer is experiencing checkout conversions increase by 34% and also seeing 24% of customers selecting Amazon Pay as their preferred payment method.

Click the below images to read the success stories on All Saints and The Entertainer:

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