Integrating Carriers with Sellerdeck Desktop

Integrating Carriers with Sellerdeck Desktop

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Integrating different parts of your business is becoming ever more important and has the benefit of reducing time spent per order and removing human error; all resulting in a more efficient process that improves your customers experience.  

Is it possible to connect Sellerdeck Desktop with my carriers?


There are multiple ways to integrate Sellerdeck Desktop with your carriers so that you do not have to manually add order data into the carriers platform.

One option is to use a plug-in from our partner Codepath. Codepath have been building solutions for Sellerdeck Desktop customers since 2005 and have a range of plug-ins that support your business.

One of the more popular plug-ins is ‘Order Export v4’ which has a variety of uses including exporting Sellerdeck Desktop orders to any courier system which offers a CSV import option, such as Royal Mail Click & Drop.

Using this plugin you will:

  • Save time and reduce human error
  • Simplify your order fulfilment process
  • Access all carriers with CSV import options
  • Have a pre-built template for Royal Mail Click & Drop

Integrations don’t have to cost the world and using this plug-in you’ll access a simple to use and low cost solution. It’s also surprisingly easy to setup considering how flexible it is so you can match your exact requirements.

Watch the short video below showing a connection between Sellerdeck Desktop and Royal Mail Click & Drop:

However, there may be scenarios where your requirements are very specific and this is where Codepath’s custom solutions can deliver on your exact requirements. Reach out to Codepath and they’ll provide you with consultation to take your ideas and requirements and turn them into a feasible solution, as well as implement that solution into your Sellerdeck Desktop installation.

For more information on how this plug-in can benefit your business and to contact Codepath on buying and implementing the plug-in, please visit –

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