Improve your business with Sellerdeck Desktop

Improve your business with Sellerdeck Desktop

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With the release of the first update of Sellerdeck Desktop 2016 – 16.0.1 – it is a good time to look at the real improvements that Sellerdeck’s latest desktop software is making to online businesses.

1 . Faster publishes

With 2016, Sellerdeck have overhauled the page generation and upload technology that controls the online publishing. This means publishes are significantly quicker, with some customers reporting as much as a 30% decrease in the time it takes to publish a change.

Faster uploads means that you can be much more responsive with changes to your website, updating your store with the latest offers and products quickly and easily.

2 . Improved performance and greater stability

As well as improving the time it takes to publish changes to the web, Sellerdeck have also improved the performance on the desktop, so it takes much less time to navigate and click around large complex stores. Together with this, there have been multiple stability improvements, with a lot of customers reporting that crashes are becoming a thing of the past.

3 . Simpler stock control

If you need to keep track of the stock level of your options, this can now be done without having to generate a hidden product for each available option you sell. It’s all done within the ‘Permutations’ panel of the component now. This means that you can create sophisticated products in a fraction of the time, and also means that you can check the stock levels of your options at a glance.

4 . Increased online search visibility

Sellerdeck now automatically publishes an XML sitemap and a Google Products feed (new in 16.0.1). This means that if you are using Google’s webmaster or merchant tools with your site, it is much simpler to update Google with your latest information.

Together with this, customers using Feefo feedback now benefit from having ‘rich snippets’ as part of the review code. This means that things like star ratings can potentially appear as part of the search results for a product.

5 . Easier management for PayPal payments

Businesses who pre-authorise payments with PayPal now find it much quicker and easier to complete those payments thanks to a new PayPal Payments area within the orders. Payments can be confirmed, refunded or voided with a click of a button, with no need to log into the PayPal admin interface.

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