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Sellerdeck Desktop – Helping to Build Businesses since 1996

20th September 2022

Over the past few weeks, some of our Sellerdeck Desktop customers have told us about their experience using our platform. Many have been using it for years and have seen their businesses develop alongside the early ecommerce solution. It was fantastic to have so much positivity regarding our platform and services.

About Sellerdeck Desktop

Sellerdeck was founded in 1996 and was known initially as Actinic until we rebranded in 2010. Our organisation was one of the first to offer affordable ecommerce services to a new, developing market.

Sellerdeck Desktop is a complete ecommerce solution that enables small and medium-sized businesses to sell online. The software installs on your PC or local area network and lets you build your online store quickly and efficiently without using a browser interface. Providing a unique amount of control from modern cloud-based platforms.

Although our services have expanded over the years to include cloud-based platforms such as WooCommerce and Magento, we still love Sellerdeck Desktop. It remains a solid, trusted ecommerce platform, used by over 500 of our clients. A variety of businesses have tested the performance over the years. Clubhouse Golf, one of our largest clients, has seen its organisation develop from a £1 million to a £30 million turnover during their time on the Sellerdeck Desktop platform.

Jon from Buy Brand Tools

Jon inherited Actinic v6 when he started working with his company 16 years ago. He’s continued using the platform through its different versions while the business grew.

Our business has grown massively over the years, and Sellerdeck has been a big part of supporting that growth. I’ve never seen a need to change. I feel that Sellerdeck are a small-medium size company like ourselves and understands the importance of good customer service, which we wouldn’t get with a big corporation.

Creating, editing, copying and moving products around is very easy thanks to the graphical view of the product hierarchy. It’s the key part of the user interface for me.

We’ve continued to develop and grow as a company, and Sellerdeck has supported that. The page speed work that Sellerdeck helped us with this year has enabled us to have a super speedy website, which should provide benefits well into the future.

Jonathan from Graphicz

Jonathan has been using Sellerdeck Desktop since 2002 and began on version 6.

I came across it because of a music store with several ecommerce options. I continued because I like it, and you can do what you like with the flexible design.

      • Hard to say. I like the fact we have a range of integrated layouts, and I’ve used this to design and build a variety of websites.
      • For customers, I like that it gives ownership and control. We own it, and we have control. Desktop is not hosted somewhere nebulous, it’s easy to access and manage from my desktop.
      • It also offers great flexibility and design. The structure means that you can chop and change things as you like, which has been a big benefit throughout the years.

Sellerdeck Desktop is my business and has become my business. It has allowed me to build a great online presence, and I’m very grateful to Sellerdeck Team for all of their support over the years. I’ve always received great customer service, with special thanks to Gary and Sumiya.

Michael from Sports Trophy Co

Michael Beaumont is the owner of Sports Trophy Co and working with SheffLOCK, locksmiths in Sheffield. He has been using Sellerdeck Desktop since it was originally Actinic 2. He was introduced to the software back in 2005 and has been upgrading every other version since.

To me, the desktop version offers greater control of security and resources as I am not tied to any hosting provider, and I know who has access to the software. Access to the Sellerdeck Desktop software is fast and reliable without having to depend on the speed and quality of the internet connection. I only connect when I need to, and I do not have problems with hackers trying to gain access as you do on a publicly hosted system. The Sellerdeck Desktop Plus allows me to create multiple e-commerce shops so I can be specific in the customer’s needs, which is one of our Unique Selling Points. For sports trophies, my competitors have put them all on one site whereas I can make a shop for specific sports like golf trophies and football trophies. This allows me then to make much more relevant sections that do not dilute the specific nature of the website.

Sellerdeck Desktop is fast and easy to use for anyone familiar with a word processor like Word. Setting up new shops is easy with the web wizard taking care of all the technical work. The ability to add multiple images to a product helps products sell themselves with a clean layout that isn’t cluttered or distracting. The product filter has come a long way with people sorting by price and features to help them choose the right one for them. The layouts are easily customised to suit with options for text, image, and date inputs if required. Adding a spreadsheet is helpful to update quantities from an external supplier.

I have stayed with Sellerdeck Desktop because it is low on code compared to other e-commerce platforms which helps page speed, a major factor in being found on Google. Making product and stock level changes can be done quickly with little training so it is cost-effective in terms of training. Employees like to use the software as it is intuitive with everything in one place. We have competitors using every shop software you can think of, and we are still ahead of teams with five marketing professionals.

Hugh Gibson – Our CTO at Sellerdeck

Hugh is one of our most long-standing team members, working for Sellerdeck since 1997, just one year after the company was founded. He is now our Chief Technical Officer and has worked in that role for the last 11 years. We wanted to get his opinions regarding Sellerdeck Desktop and the feedback he’s received from customers over his many years working on the platform.

It’s got to be the static pages, making it easy to create fast websites.

And can I mention the in-browser filtering? Very rare to see something as fast in any other ecommerce package.

It’s a complete package, but it has many places where it can be extended to add functionality both in the front and the back end. I particularly like the rendering engine, having used it to add many features.

Feedback over the years has been extensive. As CTO I’ve worked with some of our bigger customers, and it’s been great to see successful websites taking many orders. One remark I remember was a comparison of site speed, particularly around filtering, with their competitors. They felt it was such a relief when they returned to their site. I’m guessing their customers felt the same.

Final Thoughts

Seeing all of the positive feedback for Sellerdeck Desktop has been heartwarming. We’re proud of our company’s heritage and dedication to offering one of the first affordable ecommerce solutions for small businesses.

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