Our Create team will work with you to build an online store that blends beautiful crafted designs with the leading technologies. This combination of function and aesthetics will ensure your browsers turn into buyers.
We understand in a crowded market place, having a pretty E-commerce website design is not enough. Your website needs to be in tune with your customers needs and provide them with a smooth customer journey, from initial browsing to purchase.
We will advise you on the best platform for your business depending on your needs – that could be Sellerdeck Cloud, Desktop or another E-commerce store.
You might also perceive that changing website providers will be hard, because you have all your products in a database and have worked hard on the SEO of your website; no problem. Let our experts help you with your migration and our digital marketing team help you maintain and improve your rankings.
We have an experienced creative team who will design a unique cutting edge website that mixes technology with beautiful design, that will appeal to your customers.

Our Process

Discovery workshop

Every website starts with a discovery workshop. Our design team will meet with you to uncover what functionality you would like and what ideas you have with regard to creative style.

Design Brief

Following the workshop, we will create a brief, outlining all the design and technical specifications of your project.

Static Designs

Using your design brief we will create a mock up of your E-commerce store, including the home page, category and product page.


At various milestones throughout the project you can give us your feedback to shape the design before we enter each design sprint.

Start Build

Our team will create a shell website store containing your branding on your chosen platform.

Content Import

We will help you import and format all your products and images, ready for your customers to begin browsing.

Testing and QA

All the designs are tested to ensure all the custom features are operating correctly and the buying functionality is working, this includes the integrations with payments and back office systems. Your website will also be cross browser tested on mobile, tablet and desktop.

SEO Check

Often the main driver for a new website will be to improve organic search rankings. Our SEO team will review your website and make any tweaks and recommendations to improve your listing. After you go live, the digital team will provide you with a post go live audit of traffic and sales, so you can see the improvements the new website has made to your revenue.

Sellerdeck Ignite is a range of traffic and revenue generation services for online businesses.