Online engagement and digital marketing is essential to enhancing your brand awareness. Sellerdeck are focused on establishing your online marketing needs that will improve your digital presence, increase your website traffic and drive new sales.
We understand that the amount you spend on your website and online activities doesn’t guarantee its success. We have a wide range of services specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Web Audit

We help you understand how your website is performing and identify any improvements that should be made to your website and other digital channels. We review any SEO problems or faults on the site, user experience, competitors, link and social media analysis, as well as business development and give you advice on how to improve conversion rates.

Our recommendations will help you to streamline your website, focus on your best selling products and how best to tune the keywords to maximize your SEO.


We all know that having rich, keyword content on your site is so important in improving your Google rankings and hugely affects visitor conversion rates. We can write compelling and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. By setting up your blog we can work with you to establish topics that will improve customer interaction and brand awareness.

Email marketing

Fantastic at growing and maintaining your customer base, there is no better way to get your messages across to your customers than email marketing. It is quick, cost effective and easy to track, delivering a great ROI. We can schedule the right campaigns to meet your business needs and can advise you on how to best segment your data to help you reach new contacts and sales opportunities.

Social media

Effective management of your social media can take time and training. By identifying your current strengths and weaknesses and optimising your profiles, we can effectively manage your online presence on the channels that are right for your business needs.

Aligned with your brands ‘tone of voice’ we can post content that gets your audience talking. From leading trends, the hot topics of your industry and promoting your brand, to helping drive traffic to your website that will ultimately convert your audience into customers.

We will analyse your social media output to inform you on follower growth and engagement and gain valuable audience insights. We can then evaluate and adjust your strategy to get the most out of your social media and strategically improve your online engagement and presence.


Our Google Analytics training allows you to understand the efforts from your marketing campaigns and improvements to your site, so you can make the best possible informed decisions moving forward.

We recognise that you may want take more control of your social media accounts and our specific social media training offers best practice and tools and tips, giving you the confidence to manage your accounts effectively and successfully.

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