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Fraud Protection

Sellerdeck Payments powered by Opayo includes fraud protection to help you identify and isolate fraudulent orders, therefore reducing the risk to your business.

Remember that 3D Secure is the best way to avoid fraud, as it’s very difficult for fraudsters to bypass, but mainly there is a liability shift, so if there is a problem then you will not pay for the chargeback.

Integrated fraud protection that quickly identifies risky business

All Sellerdeck Payments accounts include automated fraud protection at no extra cost. The service is provided through an integration with Fraud Protection Services, supported by Sellerdeck.

Benefits and Features

  • Automatically screens orders downloaded to Sellerdeck Desktop
  • Displays full fraud check results for each order in Sellerdeck Desktop
  • Provides a simple red or green traffic light to indicate whether an order is suspected fraud or not, together with supporting data
  • Access to more detailed fraud check data, including a list of factors on which the fraud ‘score’ is based
  • Facility to send feedback on fraudulent orders for inclusion in future fraud screening

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