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UK Pool Store

UK Pool Store started out in 1997 with the sale and installation of domestic and commercial pools & spas alongside all the services which encompass that. Starting up an online store was the natural progressive step in order to reach a wider audience and of course, generate more sales.

UK Pool Store

Commercial goals achieved

Sellerdeck have worked hard to gain genuine, industry specific understanding of UK Pool Stores business in order to be able to create bespoke content & imagery for each email campaign.

They have seen a strong retention in their core customers and an increase in their average ticket prices.

Customers technical requirements

UK Pool Store are one of the UK’s top suppliers of swimming pool chemicals and accessories. Sellerdeck and UK Pool Store have been working closely now for a number of years. Their Facebook page has been built up from scratch, as well as regular seasonal e-mail campaigns and blogs. Sellerdeck are also excited to have worked with UK Pool Store to develop a new website, which will be launched for their new season in 2018.

“The way Sellerdeck has enhanced and increased my brand value throughout the process of either the development of the ecommerce site or the marketing strategies have made a big difference to our business and performance online”