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WooCommerce Self Service

WooCommerce by Sellerdeck represents the opportunity for businesses to migrate to one of the world’s most widely used and best supported cloud-based platforms.

WooCommerce by Sellerdeck is a solution that incorporates contemporary eCommerce best practices, in a modern design with an emphasis on ease of use for customers. By using a pre-designed template, it reduces the overall cost of a project and makes re-platforming a far more affordable and realistic option.  

Web Design and Development Made Easy

Sellerdeck will provide you with everything needed to successfully launch your new website, including: 

Best Practice Woo Theme

A best practice theme packed with functionality that is branded to suit your business 


Our expert team will provide detailed training on how to use the platform

Content Migration

We have inhouse tools that automate the content migration, so you don’t have to manually populate

SEO Retention Mangement

Ranking retention is key to a successful migration, we have in-house SEO specialists that will guide you through to launch and monitor your SERPs.

Website Launch and Hosting

We pride ourselves on being technical experts, that is why we take care of both the server and website migration – so you don’t need to worry about it

The project allows you to utilise Sellerdeck’s expertise and internal tools to manage the key elements that make a project successful. A Sellerdeck WooCommerce developer will also be available to provide technical assistance throughout the process if required. 

WooCommerce by Sellerdeck is the perfect template for your ecommerce store. Not only is it fast and responsive on all devices, but it’s also packed with features like 360 product viewer, countdown timer, parallax scrolling and grouped products. As well as a one-page checkout to accelerate and maximise conversions.

Web Design and Development Made Affordable starting from £2,500

WooCommerce by Sellerdeck self-service offers a cheaper alternative to the full web design project.

Everything you need to succeed

The service can be used by small to medium-sized businesses that don’t have coding knowledge and require technical assistance. But still, want access to a leading cloud-based platform like WooCommerce.

  • High Performing WooCommerce Theme
  • Training on how to use the platform
  • Content migration

  • Search engine optimisation and ranking retention
  • Website launch and hosting

Talk to a WooCommerce developer

When you’re running an ecommerce website, there’s a lot to worry about. You have long hours of tedious work that only get worse as your business grows and more tasks pile up on top of each other. That doesn’t even include the technical challenges behind maintaining such websites in general!

But we can help with those too! Our team has years worth of experience working with many different types of businesses like yours – so no matter what happens next or how big things grow for you, our bespoke WooCommerce solution will make sure everything stays safe and sound.

Get the most out of your ecommerce website with WooCommerce. Explore all the possibilities now with one of our WooCommerce experts. We’re always here to help! Give us a call or book an appointment online and we’ll answer all of your questions – there is no obligation at this stage, it’s just a conversation.

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