eBay Order Manager

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Sellerdeck eBay Order Management enables you to download orders from your eBay store into Sellerdeck Desktop, saving time and increasing efficiency by centralising both order processing and stock management.

Orders can be downloaded either manually, or automatically on a timed basis. Provided the Sellerdeck Product Reference or SKU is stored in the eBay Custom Label field, products are recognised and stock decremented in Sellerdeck for each eBay order received.

Tax and shipping information from the eBay order is preserved and displayed in the Sellerdeck order record. Order changes are limited in Sellerdeck to prevent mismatches between the order records in eBay and Sellerdeck, and order status updates are sent automatically from Sellerdeck to eBay.

eBay Order Manager


For discussion and news about this extension, access the Sellerdeck Community.


For discussion and news about this extension, access the Sellerdeck Community.

eBay Order Manager v1.0.3: 13 August 2018

The eBay extension uses code on the Sellerdeck Billing System for the authentication process with eBay. In the recent upgrade to the Billing System, the URL was changed. Older versions of the eBay extension will no longer be able to authenticate themselves with eBay.

Existing users are required to re-authenticate periodically, so they will be affected when that happens. New users are affected already.

All users should upgrade to it as soon as possible.

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Price: FREE

eBay Order Manager

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Extension by: Sellerdeck
Version: 1.0.3
Minimum requirements: Sellerdeck Desktop 2016 (v16.0.1)