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Sellerdeck Desktop Platform Developments in 2020

In case you missed them….

In 2020 our focus was on further developing frictionless ecommerce on our platform, with the aim to improve users browser engagement, ultimately increasing our customers conversion rates.

Here at Sellerdeck, adding value to our customers is at the centre of everything we do. We developed new solutions to give you more for your investment which offers a diverse range of new features and additional content to help your ecommerce business thrive.

We did this by adding more value to our maintenance contracts, which included a wealth of new features and extensions available free of charge for Cover and Desktop 365 Plus subscribers.

We also released the Swift Template, which is our most dynamic template to date. We announced that we have further enhanced the template which is available to Cover and Desktop 365 Plus subcribers.

We wanted to keep you up-to-date with the developments in 2020 – In case you missed them.

Sellerdeck Desktop developments 2020 – at a glance

Sellerdeck Desktop Widgets – now available

As you know, adding additional features into Sellerdeck Desktop can be challenging for us and our users. This is due to the requirement of extensive regression testing, and for users, it can be time-consuming to perform version upgrades. Therefore we introduced a new method that simplified new feature releases, which we called Widgets.

Widgets are snippets of code that deliver functionality and can be integrated into your software and site with less effort than full version upgrades. This means it is now quicker and more affordable to enhance your site. We are improving this process so that it is as easy as possible for you to manage in-house.

The Cotton Patch Sellerdeck Desktop Widget Quote

Many of our customers benefited from widgets and one which we believe is of great value is an ‘add to cart popup’ which you can demo on our example website – simply add a product to cart to see the difference in the browser experience.

To read more about Widgets click here.

Extensions – new extension and updates

A new extension called Design Back-up was released. This extension monitors the design changes and maintains a regular record of the elements so that you have a record for identifying changes that may have caused an undesirable result. Meaning you can quickly and easily correct errors and revert changes.

To read more about the Design Back-up extension click here.

We also brought you several new versions for existing extensions, which you can be accessed via our extensions page.

New Version (v18.0.5 & v16.0.7) – now available

New versions v18.0.5 & 16.0.7 were released which included a series of improvements, bug fixes, new features and integrations – including the PayPal Commerce Platform.

This version upgrade is available for free to Cover and Desktop 365 Plus subscribers.

PayPal Commerce Platform – now available 

We added the PayPal Commerce Platform integration to our software. PayPal Commerce Platform is PayPal’s latest payment solution which offers a range of benefits including new payment methods.

You can find out more information about the PayPal Commerce Platform by clicking here.

PayPal Commerce Platform is available in version 18.0.5 & v16.0.7, accessible through our Downloads Page.

Payments Services Directive v2 (PSD2) & Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

We gave you practical platform advice on the upcoming changes to PSD2 (a directive that aims to enhance the security of internet payments to reduce fraud). For ecommerce businesses, the major change in PSD2 is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), which is a security protocol commonly met by 3D Secure. It is strongly advised you read this article, as you may need to complete some minor actions to stay compliant.

You can find out if you need to complete PSD2 platform related actions here.

New Brexit Patch – 04 February 2021

New patches for versions 16.0.8 and 18.0.6 are now available.

These patches provide the changes required for Brexit. If you would like to find out more about the changes to litigation due to Brexit, then visit our dedicated page.

To find out more about the patch, please visit our knowledge base article here.

To download the patch for v18.0.6, please click here.

To download the patch for for v16.0.8, please click here

All legacy versions (v14 or below) will be a manual process and will be addressed through knowledge base articles which we will release shortly.

Swift Template – new version coming in 2021

The Sellerdeck Desktop Swift Template was a great success in 2020 and due to this, we have continue to invest in this template.

A new version, with enhanced features and general fixes, will be available in 2021 to Cover and Desktop 365 Plus subscribers.

Never heard of our swift template? To find out more and request the template visit our Swift Template page here.

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