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Price Changes 2021

2nd August 2021

Over the last two years, there have been substantial changes in the ecommerce market which have required further investment into additional resources. In that time we’ve delivered numerous new developments and solutions, with plans to continue to add value to our products and services.

We’ve found and onboarded great people during a challenging employment market and we must ensure we have a strong plan to retain and develop our staff.

Sellerdeck has not increased its pricing since March 2018, however, our costs have increased in that time.

To ensure we have the best solutions and the best people, starting from 1st September 2021, we are increasing our prices by roughly 5% across the majority of our contracts. The contracts excluded from the price increase are Sellerdeck Payments powered by Opayo, SSL certificates and WooCommerce and Magento Maintenance contracts.

Below is a full list of our products and services and the new proposed pricing


Sellerdeck Desktop 365 Plus

This contract is a combination of services with preferential pricing. Within this contract, not all services have received a price increase. Your contract price will change on renewal after 1st September 2021. The increase is roughly 5%, depending on the combination of services.

If you wish to receive an exact price for your renewal, please contact an Account Manager at

Day Rates

Standard Day Rate£570.00£76.00
Premium Day Rate£720.00£96.00

Sellerdeck Payments powered by NMI

Sellerdeck Payments A800£147.00
Sellerdeck Payments 350£27.00
Sellerdeck Payments 600£52.00
Sellerdeck Payments 3000£262.00


Order Volume (per month)Monthly
Feefo 350350 orders per month£62.00
Feefo 600600 orders per month£100.00
Feefo 800800 orders per month£132.00
Feefo 14001400 orders per month£205.00
Feefo 20002000 orders per month£260.00
Feefo 30003000 orders per month£350.00
Feefo 50005000 orders per month£525.00
  • The above packages are based on total order volumes sent to Feefo
  • Usage is calculated from a rolling six month period, and averaged monthly. Once the monthly average exceeds the order volume limit of the package, an upgrade to the next package will be applied immediately

Managed Hosting

Silver 6£29.00£290.00
Silver 12£52.00£520.00
Silver 24£80.00£800.00
Silver Plus£115.00£1,150.00
Gold Plus£320.00£3,510.00
Gold Premium£430.00£4,700.00
Platinum £600.00£7,200.00

Sellerdeck Desktop Cover

1st Year2nd Year
Business £72.00£720.00£57.50£575.00
Business Plus£115.00£1,150.00£92.00£920.00
Business Plus 2 Users£137.00£1,370.00£111.00£1,110.00
Business Plus 3 Users£157.50£1,570.00£127.00£1,270.00
Each Additional UserPlus £20.00Plus £200.00Plus £16.00Plus £160.00

Sellerdeck Desktop Premium Cover

Premium 2 Users£197.50£1,975.00
Each Additional UserPlus £20.00Plus £200.00

Sellerdeck Enterprise Cover

Enterprise 2 Users£197.50£1,975.00
Each Additional UserPlus £20.00Plus £200.00

Developer Subscription

Developer Subscription£31.00£310.00

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