Introducing Sellerdeck Cloud

Sellerdeck’s cloud-based E-commerce platform is designed for growing businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition. Our approach is to take a proven market-leading open-source technology platform and use it as the foundation of a bespoke E-commerce project, which is tailored and customised to your specific requirements.

Sellerdeck’s team will help you benefit from the power and flexibility of cloud technology whilst avoiding the potential pitfalls of over-complexity and poor performance. Our marketing and design experts will also ensure that your new online store looks great and is easy for your customers to use.

As well as the store itself, Sellerdeck can help with your branding, marketing, communications and fulfillment – all the extra things that will ensure your business stays unique and continues to grow and succeed.

Core Sellerdeck Cloud features

Analytics and Reporting

Create detailed reports on all activity on your Cloud site and integrate with your Google Analytics.

Catalogue Management

Sellerdeck Cloud makes it even easier to manage your online catalogue.

Checkout and Payment

Sellerdeck Cloud integrates with multiple payment methods to ensure a smooth checkout process for all your customers.

Customer Service

Sellerdeck Cloud makes it easy for you to provide great customer service through features including customizable confirmation emails and feature rich Customer accounts.

International Support

Cloud supports multiple currencies and tax rates & support for international shipping methods and deliveries.

Marketing and Promotions

Sellerdeck Cloud offers multiple tools to help you market your online store.

Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts can make it even easier for you customers to browse your website, re-order their favourite items and check order statuses.

Order Management

Manage your orders easily within Sellerdeck Cloud.

Product Browsing

You can make your product pages even more appealing in Sellerdeck Cloud by using features such as product image zoom-in capability, product reviews and give your customers the options of adding to their wishlist.

Site Management

When using Sellerdeck Cloud, you can access and manage your websites and stores from anywhere in the world.

Catalogue Browsing

Catalogue browsing includes improvements to your catalogue and product pages with features including product comparisons and recently viewed products.

Full service support

One of the inherent risks in the use of any open source technology is who takes overall responsibility for maintaining it. Sellerdeck fills this gap, offering Sellerdeck Cloud customers access to the same backup and support it offers on its own Sellerdeck Desktop platform. With almost 20 years’ experience and an estimated £11 billion of transactions through its technology, Sellerdeck has the skills and experience you need to redevelop your online business and grow your online sales.

That means whether you are moving your Sellerdeck Desktop store to the Cloud or redeveloping your existing cloud solution, you can count on Sellerdeck to preserve your search engine rankings and website traffic. So, not only will your Sellerdeck Cloud store enable you to find and convert new customers, but it will improve service to your existing ones as well.

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