E-commerce solutions

Sellerdeck Desktop has been providing a desktop based E-commerce solution to thousands of customers since 1996, with over £11,000,000,000 in transactions being taken through the system. Being desktop based, the software allows you to have complete offline control of your site which then updates online at the touch of a button. This is helpful for those using slower Internet speeds. Sellerdeck’s Cloud offering is designed for growing businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition. Our approach is to take advantage of open-source technology and use it as the foundation of a bespoke eCommerce project, which is tailored and customised to your specific requirements.

Whatever platform is right for you, Sellerdeck are on hand with IT support, Data Analysis, Marketing and Creative Design to make your store operate to its full potential.

Sellerdeck Desktop and Sellerdeck Cloud are both unique, but equally powerful E-commerce solutions. Whatever your needs are, Sellerdeck has the right E-commerce solution for you.