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Introducing SellerDeck 2014

Sell More to Your Customers, Online and On the Move


SellerDeck 2014

The latest version of SellerDeck has been designed with one purpose in mind - to help online businesses to increase sales and profits.

An upgrade to SellerDeck 2014 can open your site to new visitors using smartphones and tablets, increase your search engine visibility and help you promote your products over social media. Not only that, but the new shipping features could save you money by streamlining your fulfilment and lowering your courier charges.

Great New Features

Responsive Designs

The use of smartphones and tablets for everyday browsing and shopping is growing rapidly year on year. By not taking handheld users into consideration, you could be excluding a large number of potential visitors from your store.
SellerDeck 2014 comes with some fantastic new design themes that are fully responsive - which means they will automatically reconfigure themselves to look great on smartphones and tablets, as well as on desktop PCs. Every aspect of the design has been made responsive, from the home page and product pages, right through to the checkout and receipt.

This means you can give all your customers a top quality shopping experience, no matter how they choose to access your store.

See for yourself: You can see the responsive themes on offer via 'Design > Themes'.


One thing all the large and popular online stores have in common is a slideshow of products and promotions on their home pages and their main landing pages. They are a great way to quickly add fresh seasonal content to web pages, and advertise key offers and promotions.

Adding slideshows like this usually means trying to manually integrate all sorts of complicated jQuery and CSS into your templates. Now, thanks to SellerDeck's new slideshow feature, adding a slideshow or a 'carousel' of products is just a case of selecting the products or images you want to list pressing 'OK'.

See your yourself: Add a new fragment to a page and select some products to show within the grid in the 'Marketing' panel of the fragment. The only other thing you'll need to do is set the 'Fragment Layout' to 'Product Carousel'. There are some extra settings in the 'Marketing' panel of 'Site Options'.

Integrated Feefo Reviews

Any search engine professional will tell you that the way to improve the SEO 'quality' of your pages (and therefore have them rank higher) is to update your pages regularly with fresh content. Doing this manually is a time-consuming process. Now, SellerDeck's new integrated reviews feature means your customers will be improving the quality of your pages every day without you having to do anything.

SellerDeck's Feefo review feature is now integrated with the HTML of your pages, meaning that Google will be able to scan the content of your reviews and take them into account when ranking your pages. Assuming your reviews are largely positive, this will mean you should see an increase in the ranking of your pages in search engines.

SellerDeck Integrated Shipping

The purchase experience is only a small part of a customer's overall experience with an online business. By far the longest part of the process taken up by waiting for the order to be delivered, and SellerDeck 2014 introduces some great features that will speed up the process of sending out the goods while keeping your customers happy.

SellerDeck Integrated Shipping is a new service powered by GFS (Global Freight Solutions), one of the UK's largest aggregators of parcel services. This new integration will:

  • Contact your courier to obtain a tracking number for your delivery
  • Print off a label with the tracking number
  • Email the tracking number to the customer, and add it to the online 'Order History' page
  • Provide an online portal where customers can track the progress of their order

Not only that, but GFS also offer their own delivery service, where they will find the most appropriate carrier for each of your orders based on where it is going and how large the order is.

PayPal Express Improvements

PayPal has become a commonplace payment method for many customers, especially when shopping on a smartphone. PayPal Express allows your customers to bypass the SellerDeck checkout process and just pay for their order by signing-in with their PayPal details. SellerDeck 2014 adds some great features to improve this process such as transmitting the full shopping cart contents to PayPal, automatically transferring customers back to the online store after purchasing and enabling you to track PayPal orders reliably via Google Analytics.