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Ecommerce & EPOS Information

Eshop Estore Software

SellerDeck's award-winning software range provides everything you need to build a secure and fully functional eshop, easily and affordable. Our upgradeable product range extends from a low-cost entry-level solution that you pay for monthly, to a full-function multi-site, multi-user desktop package for higher volume businesses; plus a range of estore products build for professional web designers.

All users benefit from ease of use and class-leading functionality; excellent support and an aggressive ongoing development programme guided by intensive research and user feedback.

Every SellerDeck product offers:

  • Ease of use
  • Great value
  • Best-of-breed functionality
  • Comprehensive support

Whether you want to build your own estore or have it built for you, or build a store for other people, we have the product for you.

SellerDeck Business

SellerDeck Business is the best-selling electronic commerce application and includes everything a business needs to build and manage an online store. Powered by a familiar Windows interface, SellerDeck Business provides ease of use, flexibility and a comprehensive range of features in a value for money package. Backed up by a range of support and service options and a ready-made upgrade path to more advanced functionality, SellerDeck Business will provide a platform to building a successful online business.provides a powerful and affordable electronic commerce package for businesses requiring increased efficiency and sophistication for both online and offline business operations. SellerDeck Business also provides additional, advanced features in the areas of marketing, customer management and integration with Sage 50 Accounts. SellerDeck Business also offers extended functionality for businesses operating through mail order and retail channels including a facility to process mail and telephone orders (MOTO) and integration with SellerDeck EPOS.

SellerDeck Business Plus

SellerDeck Business Plus extends the capabilities of SellerDeck Business for companies requiring multi-site management and multi-user order processing and content management. SellerDeck Business Plus enables the creation and management of an unlimited number of sites together with the option of adding multiple user licences for simultaneous use on networked PCs.

SellerDeck Enterprise

SellerDeck Enterprise is designed for successful online and multi-channel businesses that need a scaleable package with room for future growth. Based on the high performance Microsoft SQL database, SellerDeck Enterprise provides enhanced performance for businesses that handle large order volumes; sell through multiple channels or require multi-user access for order processing and catalogue maintenance. SellerDeck Enterprise is a highly flexible and functional application that will sit at the heart of a multi-channel business; optimised for the web, with comprehensive support for mail and telephone order processing (MOTO) and the ability to synchronise with SellerDeck EPOS for in-store automation.

SellerDeck Designer

SellerDeck Designer is a powerful, low cost application that assists web designers to build ecommerce sites quicker, easier, more economically and without compromise. With SellerDeck Designer you can design an unlimited number of ecommerce stores all from the single licence.

SellerDeck Designer features an intuitive point and click design interface enabling complete design flexibility and customisation while providing access to all the features available within the SellerDeck product range apart from order processing which operates in test mode.

Deployment is easy, simply purchase a copy of SellerDeck Business Client, install it on their machine and import your site design.

What the Press say

"The best DIY e-commerce product in its price range... the definitive example of the breed." PC Plus

“One of the best ecommerce suites around” Web Designer SellerDeck ecommerce software and search engines

A lot of people ask us whether sites built using SellerDeck will perform well with search engines.

All our products are specifically designed with search engines in mind. Given the right content, an SellerDeck-built site will pretty well optimise itself.

The software also gives you direct access to the elements of the site that are most important to search engines, so that you can make adjustments if you need to.

Support options

All our electronic commerce packages are backed by a full range of support options. We provide free lifetime email support; telephone support by annual subscription; a comprehensive online Knowledge Base; and a very active user forum.