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The Ecommerce Health Check

Written by Tim Pritchard
Wednesday 09 Apr, 2014

As a business owner, it’s not possible to be an expert at everything. You’ll have your head full with the day to day running of your business so it’s sometimes difficult to realise that your company website has been left behind by those of your competitors. In which case, what’s the solution?


The Power of Specialisation

Written by Chris Dicken
Monday 17 Mar, 2014

How can small businesses attract new customers in the increasingly crowded online marketplace. Perhaps the crowded markets of Asia have some lessons for us.


Increasing Conversion Rates

Written by Chris Dicken
Wednesday 19 Feb, 2014

Once you've successfully managed to attract some visitors to your site, the next challenge is to somehow magically transform those visitors into customers. In marketing lingo, this process is called 'conversion' and a key indicator of how well your site is doing is the 'conversion rate' - the proportion of visitors to your site that go on and buy something.


Mobile Commerce

Written by Jenny Bray
Tuesday 12 Nov, 2013

In 2012 the number of smartphones sold in the world surpassed one billion and the numbers continue to grow. Like many other people, I check that I have three things to hand before leaving my house – keys, wallet and smartphone and I feel lost without any one of them! The growth in mobile popularity is hardly surprising, I suppose.  Once upon a time I used my mobile simply for calls and texts. These days I can read e-mails, keep up to date on social networks and even shop online.


Sorting the Pandas from the Penguins

Written by Bruce Townsend
Wednesday 23 Oct, 2013

Sorting the Pandas from the Penguins

Edinburgh's Giant Panda may or may not be pregnant, but Google gave birth to its own Panda back in 2011, and followed it up in 2013 with a Penguin. Both of these updates to Google's ranking algorithm have seen winners and losers, with some sites particularly hard hit.
So what did Google hope to achieve with these two updates, how might they have affected you, and what can you do about it if they did?


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